Friday, 30 April 2010

Oh how quickly the laughter fades

Wonderful, wonderful people, can't you stay forever?
Or just a little while longer?

I do so hate to say goodbye.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Life is life is life.

The History Boys is a play by Alan Bennet which was adapted into a movie back in 2006. There was one thing that stuck with me.. A quote about history which Rudge, one of the characters said;

How do I define history? It's just one fuckin' thing after another.

And that.. perfectly sums up what I think life is. A series of events which sometimes overlap. It's not necessarily a bad thing, it's just a practical way of viewing life. I can always compare it to other things - rollercoasters being the most common one, or maybe a box of chocolates (thank you, Forrest Gump), but at the end of the day it is indeed - one fuckin' thing after another.

Monday, 5 April 2010

Be warned.. SQUEE POST!

Squee according to urban dictionary;
A noise primarily made by an over-excited fangirl.

So. New episodes of Doctor Who featuring Matt Smith as the eleventh Doctor, complete with a new TARDIS and a new sonic screwdriver.

But before I start, I have to admit that I only got into Doctor Who a couple of months ago, starting on Chris Eccleston's ninth Doctor. So I'm no expert on the minute details of the TARDIS, the Doctor's mannerisms etc.. This squee post is from a new fan's point of view, please don't clobber my n00b-ness.

Lesse.. I wasn't all that enthusiastic on Eleven's first appearance when he replaced Ten, in fact I thought it was a bit too over the top. Mind you, I'm a big fan of David Tennant's tenth Doctor, and I was sort of still teary eyed over his reluctance to regenerate. So yes.

And then came the months of waiting, until finally this appeared;

I have to say I was a little bit intrigued. But as always, I never trust trailers. (Insert a call back to my horror at the Star Trek movie trailer.)

And then FINALLY. The Eleventh Hour. The introductory episode for Eleven.

Matt Smith as Eleven : I loved how he was sort of a little bit Ten, but still managing to be different. I loved the lines the writers gave him and the outfit.. works. The stills looked odd, but after seeing the episode and how he carried it off, the outfit definitely works for him. And his 'what, what? WHAT?' made me squee a little.. okay a lot. On the whole, I really did like him.

Amy Pond : I loved loved loved the little kid who played mini-Amy! She was adorable and sweet and perfect. Was also very taken with adult-Amy. I loved the details in Amy's life - her job, her trips to see the shrink, the Raggedy-Doctor things she made, and how everyone knew of the Raggedy-Doctor, recognizing him on sight. And her boyfriend - I predict funny things from Nurse Rory.

TARDIS and the sonic screwdriver : I wasn't so sure of the TARDIS's new look at first, it was.. big. And a lot shinier than the last one, neater and more polished. But then all the details I wasn't so sure about at first made me squee when I watched it again. So so so pwetty! The sonic screwdriver.. well not much to say about that really.

Other bits.. Loved the part where they showed the world through the Doctor's eyes. Wasn't so sure about the cryptic messages.. would rather be given hints throughout the show like the Bad Wolf messages in Ten's time. Thought the storyline was meh, it was good but it wasn't great. Having said that I really really like the montage of the past Doctors' faces, and then Eleven stepping through Ten's face. Awesome. Also liked how he told off the giant eye, even though I had to stop myself from making Lord Of The Ring jokes.. (The Doctor would so kick Sauron's ass.).. The 'whats to come' bit at the end has me intrigued. Did I spot vampires? And the Doctor with a gun??

Am also curious on how reliant Eleven will be on the sonic screwdriver. Hopefully not so much. Would love to see him fiddle more, rather than the whole 'point-and-voila' thing Ten had going on.

*excited bounce* (Just for you, A)

Can't wait for next week!!

Friday, 2 April 2010

Le sigh..

An incredibly sweet vid which made me sigh. Thanks to my friend at the office who pointed me towards it!