Saturday, 8 January 2011

Rivermaya and Bryce from Lifehouse

Arthur's Day, 4th Dec 2010,
Jakarta, Indonesia


Bryce Soderberg, Lifehouse.
More muted version posted here.

Images, mine. Crossposted at my deviantArt


She wanders the streets alone,
Little head bobbing up and down,
Bike pausing now and then,
The warmth of the sun on her back,
The stickiness of ice cream coating her fingers,
Long gone, long consumed,
Nothing could be better,
Nothing could be more perfect,
My little summer girl.

Image and words, mine. Crossposted at my deviantArt

.my silly kite.

Oh what's the use of holding on..!?

For nowt but burns I have earned,
Though I tried with all my might,
My kite has flown quite as sight..!

Pastels and markers, March 2009
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