Thursday, 19 March 2009


Rose coloured glasses, blue skies and green grasses,
Ours was a childhood of bright rainbow flashes,
And while I closed my eyes to sleep a while,
You jumped and twirled and flew to distant heights.

I know it seems unfinished, but there ya go.

Friday, 13 March 2009

.colour. (alternately - .a splash of life.)

Here's something to light your day,
Painting brilliance to the drab and the lifeless,
Here's something to celebrate,
The joy of living the technicolour dream.

I apologize to the emo-ness of previous posts. For I am a female - a slave to the PMS :P

Thursday, 12 March 2009

.centre stage.

Image originally posted at my dA page

Center stage in muted colours,
Dulled and motionless,
Hopeless and directionless.

Sorry, can't bring myself to be cheerful just yet, I blame it on a bad case of PMS. I'll be okay soon. Fingers crossed!!!

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Okay so I lied..

Low quality, image originally posted up at my dA account, this particular image located here.

I lied, I was going to post pictures only but I guess I'm going to rant a little and vent. I can never resist writing out my woes.

I'm on the cusp on change and I'm terrified. Which makes me sound wimpy.. and I feel like an idiot for being dreading this awesome opportunity to grow. I've always liked change before, the excitement I always felt with every new start at places unknown I experienced regularly from changing schools so often. Now I wonder why as a (semi) adult, I'm so scared of the thought of moving on.

It feels like I'm at the doorway to something else, but it looms so high and heavy in front of me that I can't move. Its ridiculous.

I hate feeling so helpless and so down like this. I'm not the happiest person out there, but I'm usually more upbeat. *sigh*

What a way to start a blog, eh?