Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Okay so I lied..

Low quality, image originally posted up at my dA account, this particular image located here.

I lied, I was going to post pictures only but I guess I'm going to rant a little and vent. I can never resist writing out my woes.

I'm on the cusp on change and I'm terrified. Which makes me sound wimpy.. and I feel like an idiot for being dreading this awesome opportunity to grow. I've always liked change before, the excitement I always felt with every new start at places unknown I experienced regularly from changing schools so often. Now I wonder why as a (semi) adult, I'm so scared of the thought of moving on.

It feels like I'm at the doorway to something else, but it looms so high and heavy in front of me that I can't move. Its ridiculous.

I hate feeling so helpless and so down like this. I'm not the happiest person out there, but I'm usually more upbeat. *sigh*

What a way to start a blog, eh?

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