Tuesday, 22 December 2009


Fingers crossed I can stay sane for the 2 weeks I'll be away with my fam! :D

But before I go..! I bought a new lens called a Lensbaby Composer! Wahooo! New TOY. And here are some of my recent shots, a sample of many more to come. I predict this holiday will be full of many fun shots. Yay!

And a cute vid I found on Youtube :

May you holiday be full of merriment and joy.

PS: A, fingers crossed you're reading this. Will write you a long one ASAP. See ya after the holidays!

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Feeling quite silly today

So here's a thought..

Because I have too much time in my hands and I spent five minutes spinning around in a circle. I'm feeling quite nauseous - Uhh.. not that I'm bulimic. I'm just feeling really sick at the moment, and was so close to puking that this random thought occurred to me..

Why the hell did I ever spin for fun?.. Flashback to 1995 - oh right. Because I was 9.

I'd like to say I wont do something stupid and again, but I'm currently curious what'll happen if I mixed 7up and jam, with a generous helping of cream on top. (Fingers crossed I wont get any bum troubles!)

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Tom Basden..!

Eeeee! I love love love his voice. And the songs.. Ahahaha. Listen closely to the lyrics!

Friday, 4 December 2009

Nigel Parker

Who said fiction is called fiction because it never happens in reality? I posted 'Validation' a while back - I never thought I'd find a story as heartwarming in real life.

Kudos, Nigel Parker.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Ed Byrne : Zemanovaload/A Different Class

Imdb link : http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0397753/
Imdb summary : John Davies suffers from multiple obsessive compulsive disorders. When his current model girlfriend leaves him, he decides to replace her with the number 1 babe on planet Earth - Czech model Veronika Zemanova. The film follows his attempts to curb his old obsessions in order to meet his latest obsession - Veronika.

I really enjoyed this movie. The dialogue is fun and witty, I'm enjoying the music, and there's some gorgeous shots. Not the most fantastic movie out there, but it warrants a second viewing. Don't think about it too much, just bask in the silliness and lighthearted fun.

This isn't a review, since I don't think I'm very objective when it comes to Ed Byrne. I like him. He's right up there in my list of stand ups I hope I can see live one day.

Having said that. His new stand up DVD from his 'A Different Class' tour is out, and the verdict - it doesn't disappoint. Ed is charming and witty and a joy to watch. I particularly enjoy his rant about a 'mood' of goths and and 'isobar' of emos who are linked by their depression.. Do I like it more than his 2006 DVD 'Pedantic and Whimsical'? Yes.. I think I probably do.

If you want to read more about the tour, go to his Chortle page. I'm quite shaite at writing reviews these days.

Monday, 30 November 2009

Apathy vs. .. Whatever it is I'm feeling at the moment.

I'm at a strange point in my life where I feel that most of everything I think should be kept private. Half because I know nothing of the world, and half because - whatever I say will only add fuel to the fire (I see lots of clashing opinions around me, lately. - That's what happens when you surround yourself with opinionated people.)

I wouldn't say I'm being apathetic, I'm just.. careful.

I realize I spew a lot of bs, a lot of the times. But as long as they're confined to voicing my own personal thoughts (on ice cream, books, and other such trivial matters) and/or to how I view myself.. Then I figure I'm not pissing people off.

And maybe that's partly because I hate seeing people get riled up. Especially my elders. They have heart problems. (Haha..!)

But yes.. I'm not detaching myself from the world, I'm feeling joy and sadness and pain and (lots of) anger, but unless it's about trivial matters, I just don't see the point of being mouthy. One day maybe.. When I'm in a position to make a change. But for now.. As a student (who should have graduated ages ago), who is barely legal (I still consider 23 as barely legal, yes.), and as a person who still has much to learn from the world.. I'm going to try to keep my cool and keep my bs to a minimum.


Talking of graduation.. I really should do that. Soon. I need a job. There's been an onslaught of books I want lately. The list just keeps getting longer. *sigh*

Speaking in riddles.

No. I'm no good at riddles.

Basically.. I'm just going to say one word over and over again..


Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want.Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want.Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want.Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want. Want.

Saturday, 28 November 2009

Those sketches I liked so much..

Tiny images, yes. But they can be viewed over at my deviantArt page. It warrants viewing, as the second one has a poem attached. Ahaaa :D

I did say I'm not exactly the most talented person out there when it comes to actually drawing something, but I do quite like my own stuff. *grin*

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Pumped up!

Once upon a time, I was really envious of my super artsy MUMandDADandBROTHER, who all seemed to be able to wield a paintbrush like whoa.

I was of course shit at art.

Or so I thought.

I'm no expert, but I'm damned pleased of the stuff I have. They're always sketchy, because I have no patience. They're always vague, because I have no patience. And I always have at least 5 copies of whatever it is I'm working on, shredded and haphazardly thrown in the bin, because strangely enough (for someone who really does have little to no patience).. I'm a perfectionist. I hatehatehate smudges.

And when you work best with ballpoint pens, pastels and chalks - well. Sucks to be you (or more precisely.. me)

It's been a while since I touched the stuff, and that's probably because I have really really awesome friends who are so much better at the arts than me. But I pick it up again every few months before letting it lie dormant again for some time.


What I'm trying to say is : I'm gonna try to fire up my scanner *soon* so I can post some of my sketches up. 'Cause really - why should my photos get all the glory??

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

On writing..

I was such a productive little shit when I was 15. I hate myself. Seriously. Looking back, I'm disgusted at how much time I could spend writing. Hours upon hours upon hours of writing and editing.

Yes, this is 23 year old me, being jealous of the 15 year old I used to be.

I had a discussion with my best friend a while back.. We both feel like we're really shit at writing fiction now. Around 2001/2002, we were seriously addicted at writing. And it wasn't all shit either. There are some stuff I wrote back then that I'm still quite proud of. Not necessarily brilliant, but so much better than my stuff now.

I think.. I think that I should probably have stuck by NaNoWriMo (which to be honest, really isn't possible right now).

I have pages upon pages upon pages of excerpts. Just bits and bobs that I worked on years ago. A sentence or two that I can probably expand into a longer piece.. Just a ton of un-edited words piled up in my room. Remnants on when my brain didn't over analyze the words which spewed out of me.

And one of these days.. Soon.. I'm going to take 30 days and I'm going to do my own NaNoWriMo. Because I need to have fun again.

Frankly, over thinking sucks.

Friday, 20 November 2009


Dengeki Daisy by Motomi Kyousuke

The above is a panel from a silly manga I've recently gotten into.

So.. What does it tell you that I tend to *still* talk about those topics when I'm still hanging out with my friends? Ahahaha!

Love and sex still mystifies us and is always a good subject for giggles, scary stories usually end up with me cowering in my blankets (I'm a big baby. I get scared easily!) and "boundaries to the universe" questions are fun. And if Jo is around, they'll turn into heated debates before tapering of into ridiculous 'what if' scenarios involving snot and puke, or if she's being particularly creative - both.

Ah such is life.

I have no problems with admitting how immature and juvenile I am. *big grin*

Tuesday, 17 November 2009


Argh. NaNoWriMo fail!

Mostly because I'm a bum. But there's a couple of other things in the way as well.. But they're all excuses and like Twinno says 'excuses are lame and mean nothing when it comes to looking at the bigger picture'.. So yes. But I'm still going to continue the stuff I'm working on, I can probably revamp it into a shorter story. And so.. Yes.

Excuses. Pffthz.

Friday, 13 November 2009

Russell Howard DVD : Dingledodies tour

Russell's new DVD is out. And the verdict? He doesn't disappoint.

Which is of course a huge understatement. I tried my hardest not to giggle too loudly as it is currently 2.30 am, and I've literally just finished the hour long DVD. I was literally shaking with laughter and I banged my head against the desk several times.


The clip doesn't do the set justice to be honest, it's too short and taken out of the longer routine which had me in stitches. Of course, since it is meant to be a preview - well. See if you can find the DVD.

He's ever playful in his delivery, jumping from one part of the stage to the next and will repeatedly (and unashamedly) start shagging the air.. It all helps deliver the underlying message of his set - which is that life should be lived and enjoyed. And just about everyone gets to be the subject of his glee, from his audience - a man who came in late, a girl that asked to shag him, to mention a few. To his family and friends, who sound deliciously demented.

It's always a joy, Mr. Howard.

I only wish I would one day get a chance to see him live. ^___^

I don't know why it never occurred to me before to search out childhood terms I pretended to understand as a kid.. Anyway, Russell mentioned once the term 'Mars bar party' and the light switched on and I went "Oooohh.. is that what it was?" - 12 years since the first time I heard of it.

So Matt, Jon and Huw - HAHAHA! I know what it means now!.. Also - EWWW!

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Though I'm 4 days late..

I've decided something.

NaNoWriMo is a go!

Here's to a month of coffee and late night scribblins..es. Damn you, Calvin!!!

Thursday, 29 October 2009


Introducing Parahyangan Catholic University's Faculty of Social Sciences, class of 2004.

Taken within the first few days of being "grown ups" when we had no idea what that title really meant.

I spent around 5 years with them. I ended up living with several of these lovely people, spent 24 hours a day 7 days a week giggling and escaping class, fell in love (and broke it quite dramatically), had my car broken into, went on several awesome roadtrips, routine midnight outings and other silly things "young people" got up to.

I miss living in Ciumbuleuit dearly.

ARGH! Feeling suddenly nostalgic. It's all Dork-boy's fault. (btw.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DORKMEISTER!!)

A couple of us gathered last night to throw my friend a surprise party. In the old days this would mean hordes of people sneaking out of their houses in their varied sleep-attire, and meeting up in front of the birthday person's place. It's much harder now we've all split up an are scattered all over the place.

But we managed. Sort of.

Laughing with them makes me miss the old days quite badly. The quips and running commentary on anything and everything.. The bad puns and hilarious jokes. I miss them so much, I wonder why we don't hang out more often.


The distance between places, the traffic jams, the jobs.. Grraaghh.

And I miss living in close proximity with you guys.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Hey, Zacky!

I'm naturally messy. Like.. really messy. Everything around me always turns topsy turvy and everything I wear end up looking scrunched up within 5 seconds of me putting it on. I'm semi-proud of this talent, but I realize I need to scrub up for certain occasions.

Also : I'm practically blind to something called 'fashion'. I just literally throw on whatever it is I have laying next to my bed. I've been known to wear long skirts as dresses and short skirts as tube-tops.

This is important information to know, to understand how out of character my latest purchase is, and why it's a special occasion when I fall in love with clothes.

The picture really doesn't do this top any justice as the colour is so much richer and just breathtaking in person.

In an attempt to look more presentable at more formal occasions, I recruited my cousin to help me shop for tops I can wear with trousers or batik sarongs. She took me to a designer called Zacky. He's still unknown, and works from a tiny kostan (rented rooms) somewhere near Pondok Indah.

GAH. Seriously. People need to keep an eye out for this guy. Gorgeous clothes, with stunning colours and they feel so lovely once you put them on. Like seriously. And because of the way he uses his materials, it's a one-size-fits-most kinda deal. This top looked great on my cousin (who is about.. half my size) and it still looks great on me.

So yes. Zacky.

He'll be at Jakarta Fashion Week, showing his work. Keep an eye out for him. Talented upcoming designer. Zacky. Remember that name. (And he's so nice!!)

(I can't wait for Jakarta Fashion Week to end, since there's a black top I want, but it's for his upcoming show. Not yet for sale. Damn.)

Monday, 26 October 2009

Oh be still my beating heart..!

In terms of shopping weaknesses I only have 2 - leather bags (vintage and new!), and silver trinkets.

And today, is a good day for vintage leather bags. A few weeks back, I purchased two bags from Bags Babylon, who was lovely and helpful and patient and just amazing, and today they arrived! YAY!

On display :

On my bed :

I can't wait to parade them around..!

Seriously. You can never have too many leather bags. *drool*

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Russell Howard's Good News

Russell Howard's first episode of his new show recently aired. And by recently I mean 'I'm not sure if it was this week or last week'. And I managed to watch on teh interwebs, and.. Well, I love Russell, I do. I genuinely do. I think he's uplifting and watching the DVD of his 'Adventures' tour never fails to cheer me up.. But the new show.. Well.

Russell Howard's Good News is basically Russell making fun of the news. Newspapers, internet stories, clips from news on TV - literally every media of news is covered. He picks them all apart - the genuinely funny ones, the somewhat ridiculous ones and ones that are just plain stupid. And yes, Russell is funny. And yes, the show had some really good laugh-out-loud moments and moments where you can't help but giggle.. But I don't know.. It would probably do well as part of a stand-up routine which you see once and maybe never again (or maybe a couple of times more on DVD), but I'm not sure the format of the show could hold up to week after week of viewing. I get the feeling things will get old, fast.

But like I said - I'm a fan of Russell's, so I'm going to give this show another shot.

Signing off with a video of Russell's stand up from a couple of years ago.

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Jakarta, Indonesia : A Guide

I've been reading travel-logs of random backpackers who found themselves stranded and confused in Jakarta. Aaaaand I can't help but think they were idiots. I'm trying not to generalize and label every one of them as 'idiots who didn't do proper research', but the truth is.. they are. And it's making my beloved city look bad.

Top things they complain about:
1. Sanitation
2. Price of things
3. "Friendliness" of the people
4. Public transport
5. Places to visit/see (or lack of)

Here's a little info about Jakarta which should explain things a bit.

1. Sanitation
Yes, rats and cockroaches roam freely and rather brutally. The rats are so huge, sometimes they're bigger than the cats. And roaches have a tendency to fly *towards* you rather than the other way around.

This is why it's better to spend a bit more rather than a little less. $5 can make a difference between you shivering in disgust as you step into a bathroom with no running hot water, and you showering peacefully without bugs around you. And the area which you pick is also important. Try to get in touch with people who have either visited Jakarta for a long period of time, or have actually lived there. They're not exactly hard to find.

Food poisoning also is a big issue with foreigners.. You guys have really weak stomachs. (You don't eat half the trash I shovel down my mouth. Seriously.) Wash your hands before and after you eat, bring wet wipes - they're your best friend. If you run out - buy more. This might not help much when you're faces with questionable cubes of ice served to you as you order a cold drink, but they at least give you control over something.

If it's not at a big restaurant - wipe the spoons and forks you've been provided with, with a tissue. Wipe thoroughly. It's not rude - we do it too. If you still find yourself bent over a toilet puking your insides, or scrunching up your face tightly, howling rude words as you're sitting on the toilet - well this thing called Norit really works. If it gets worse -just go see a doctor.

2. Price of things
Again, you need to do your research.

Housing - Certain areas of Jakarta have a reputation of being "cheap" which is not necessarily good. If you want cheap places to stay and (relatively) cheap places to eat with (relatively) clean sanitation - flock towards the areas where universities are located in. Students = reasonably priced housing and food. In fact that probably applies to more places rather than just Jakarta.

Shopping for clothes - If you shop in malls, you will have to pay the expected price. ITCs are different, they're like a second grade mall, where you can still bargain with certain shop keepers. I forgot what they stand for, but the big blue letters usually stand out and can be easily seen. But again - you get what you pay for, unless you have an eye for a bargain.

Food prices between supermarkets usually only differ slightly.

3. "Friendliness" of the people
Look around with a dumb expression on you face and you will get taken advantage of. It's common sense. Be confident even while you're asking questions but be careful not to get confrontational.

But Indonesians are friendly by nature, and if you look like a foreigner, most will be fascinated and will ask questions. And chances are, you will receive the help you need in finding your way around the city. But for God's sake, use your common sense - if they look like thugs, it's safer to avoid them rather than keeping your fingers crossed that they're nice on the inside.

Ladies, if you walk alone at night and you obviously look like a tourist - people *will* harass you. Keep your exploring hours reasonable. If you find yourself out late and you're uncomfortable at the stares you're attracting, grab a taxi. If you can't find one - call for one. The numbers are easy to google, write it down and keep it in a convenient place.

4. Public transport
Buses are horrendous creations that should be abolished. Seriously. Avoid the orange death traps like the plague. If you're a tourist and you're not sure how these work here's a little explanation : Jump in when you need to, jump out when it's time. Yes. Jump.

Fine, maybe I'm exaggerating a little because I hate those ugly and hateful contraptions with a passion. But seriously - I don't recommend them. Ojeks are motorcycles - you ride shotgun. You can bargain the price with the drivers. I hate them too. (motorcycles in general - they weave in and out of the traffics like rodents.)

Busways are what the civilized buses are called. These will get you to lots of places, and they're cheap.

If in doubt - a taxi is always a safe bet. Bluebird is supposed to be the trusted brand which will deliver you safely to your destination. Gamya I know is pretty good. But there's a lot of alternatives. "Tarif bawah" means "cheap", but I've been told not to take the risk.

5. Places to visit/see (or lack of)
Jakarta is *huge*. Seriously. I live in the east of Jakarta and if you tell me I should go over to.. say the west to visit something - I'll probably go "Meh. No thanks." and go back to sleep. The traffic is horrific at rush hour, and there are roads that are specifically designed to piss you off.

Having said that - there's a lot of things to see. You just need to do your research.

What are you into? Museums? Which ones? Write them down, write the addresses down and plot it out on google map to see how far away they are from each other. Visit in clusters.

Arts and crafts? This new place has just opened up called SMESCO. It basically showcases Indonesian arts and crafts. You can buy stuff as it's really a huge shop, but you can also just visit to ooh and aah at the huge selection of things in there. Batiks, wood carvings, jewellery, furniture, tenun, whatever- if it's handmade, it's probably in there somewhere. And since it's airconditioned - you don't have to worry about the heat.

I highly recommend you just going around Jakarta to just eat. There's a good food guide you can purchase at any local book store that's worth reading. Again - visit in clusters. If you find something worth visiting on the other side of town - leave it to tomorrow.

Driving around Jakarta at night is actually pretty pleasant, but yeah.. It gets confusing to people who aren't used to it. Hell I've lived here for a little over 10 years and I still grab my phone in panic as I loose my way.

Bottom line?
If you want to visit Indonesia - why the f*ck are you in Jakarta? It's a good place to live in and fantastic to visit when there are art festivals or music festivals - but really. Jakarta? As a holiday destination? There's hundreds of cities (and towns and villages..) to visit in Jawa, so why Jakarta?

But if you have to be here? Grab a local.

Or you know - do the sensible thing. Research. And don't be such a dumbass.. Use your common sense.

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Jeremy Clarkson is a self entitled arse..

... but it can't be denied that he's so very good with words.

He has a acerbic wit and never fails to state his likes and dislikes in his book "For Crying Out Loud!", which is a compilation of columns he wrote for The Sunday Times between January 2006 to December 2007.

This isn't a review, you wont find a single thing useful in this post regarding what exactly is in his book.. Just that I laughed my arse off, and I kept going up to my brother to say "Hahaha, listen to what Clarkson has to say!", which is idiotic since it's him that lent me the book in the first place. I just wanted to say that the book is highly entertaining and it really made my day.

His rants range from his fascination with his wife's handbag which in his opinion could probably hide Osama Bin Laden pretty effectively, to McEton - what he thinks is a genius idea of franchising Eton since everyone seems enthusiastic about lapping up anything British.

People seem to either hate the guy or love him, and I have to say I'm afraid for now I'm in the camp of those who love him. He's not always politically correct but excessive political correctness does piss me off (we have something called 'common sense', use it.). The book is seriously fun and just.. Yes.

Okay so maybe this turned into a bit of a review.

You may say reading a book written by a person doesn’t mean you know them, but you get the general gist of what he’s like as a guy through his writings. Plus, I used to love watching Top Gear, and even though I didn’t understand much about cars, I’ve always enjoyed his comments and comparisons (The only reason I don’t still watch it now is because I haven’t watched TV in so long, I literally never get references to local TV shows and adverts).

These days when I drive, and a motorcycle pisses me off or an idiot on the road manages to make monkeys looks intelligent – I ask WWJD. What Would Jeremy Do? And the things my head come up with are enough to calm my nerves and make me laugh.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Great minds, and all..

The best overheard conversation EVER :

Man : ... you know. That one I was telling you about.
Woman : You keep quoting things at me! Be specific.
Man : The T.E. Lawrence one.. "All men dream, but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dream with open eyes, to make it possible."
Woman : Oh yes..
*They walk away*

I didn't actually catch the whole quote, but I manages to remember T.E. Lawrence and the 'All men dream, but not equally.' bit - And from then, google is my friend. Lovely quote isn't it? And while I was googling the T.E. Lawrence quote (which took all of 5 seconds..) I also found;

"Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night.".. Which is from Edgar Allan Poe.

Not sure if other people interpret the quotes as I do, but I found them similar and found both beautiful in their own right. Lovely stuff. It's been a while since I've fallen in love with words, so this was a nice surprise.

I also finally have a copy of Kerouac's On The Road, so I look forward to recognizing the Dingledodies bit. Yay!

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Dear The Whitest Boy Alive..

Since you have a new album out and all.. You totally should come by Indonesia again, you know we love and adore you over here. Your awesome sounds are always welcome in our country.

I look forward to you rockin' Jakarta once more.

*Enjoying the new album immensely*

*Note to anyone out in Europe: If you get the chance to check them out - GO (Looks like they're tourin' Europe first). Seriously amazing live performance, Erlend Øye's voice is really that smooth and the music comes across so much better than if you were listening to their CD. You can't help but dance along with Erlend and his funky moves.

(Numero deux on my all time fave bands to see live. Second only to D'Sound. And that's only because I have a huge crush on Simone Larsen. And because seriously, D'Sound is like whoa.)

But this is about The Whitest Boy Alive. And they are fan-bloody-tastic.

WAIT.. HANG ON.. *EDIT 10 seconds after posting*

I was just checking D'Sound's website.. And z0mgwtf!!?!?!?!!11? NEW SINGLE OUT xD And Simone has prettyful new hair! Oh oh oh.. I'm listening to their new single right now. Oh my GOD. I love love love it. :D

I'm gonna spend the next 10 minutes twirling to the new single. YAY!
(Does this mean you guys will be visiting Indonesia again? You did say you loved being here.. I'm getting my hopes up already. I know.)

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Hahaha, THIS is why we're friends.

Dear friends, relatives, and colleagues:

As always, this is one of those annual Aidil Fitri celebration messages I used to send. Apparently I'm too lazy to compile any beautiful sentences. However, I suppose I should express how you and me are very blessed to live long enough to embrace this celebration once more. And with each Aidil Fitri passed through, I hope instead of following common custom of buying new stuff, we develop our gratitude and sincerity towards life and others.

With love, Rama Putra

Even though we have our differences, that message came this morning from a guy I proudly call my twin. No, he's not really my twin.. But he's super retarded, and we were in the same group while doing the tedious uni-orientation thing, and retards tend to unite (He'd prefer to call us The Elite Few, but I know better.)


But yes. Definitely my favourite greeting this year.

HAPPY EID TO ALL.. and to all a good night!

Monday, 14 September 2009

The wit of stick-people


Brought to you, by the peeps over at xkcd. Hahaha.

I'm sorry, this one just made me laugh so hard. No offense to all the people out there who write such blogs, as I do read them occasionally (aka when I feel like I should raise my IQ points up a few. Which is.. rarely, as I'm a lazybum).. But yeah.

I know most people don't think they'll be hand-picked to reform the way things are because of their blogs, but write them out of pure frustration and disbelieve at what their (or other people's) governments are doing. Kudos to them for being eloquent enough to state their thoughts beautifully.

So don't start bashing me.

I usually avoid blogs that heavily rely on political-talk in general as sometimes when I read them I *personally* feel like I'm basically flailing at the world, helpless to change it yet adamant that my voice be heard.

Then again, there are cases of ordinary people in history whose extraordinary voices changed the world.. I just realize I wont be one. Hahaha.

(Again no offense meant, as I count some political blog writers as good friends.)

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Oh yeah.

I think I was about 6 or 7..? Forced into wearing a scratchy and stuffy veil as part of Friday's uniform. Oh and that piece of paper I'm holding? An award for coming in second in class. Oh yeah.

We had a reunion of sorts last week, and it was really fun guessing who each person who came in the door was. Then of course there was a fun round of 'who-had-a-crush-on-who-back-in-the-day', which I skipped stealthily! (It was the guy in the white hat by the way. Hahaha.). Then came several rounds of remembering embarrassing moments and funny anecdotes.

Ah happy memories of simpler (and apparently smarter..) times.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Its going to be one of those days.

Lack of sleep always makes me unbelievably giddy and annoyingly perky. I will wave and smile and hug, until eventually I collapse like a puppet whose strings have been cut.

I can feel the early symptoms already - yes.. Any moment now I will be shitting rainbows. And a technicolour burst of light will twinkle at the corners of my eyes, semi blinding me in the process. I'd like to moan and say 'why does this happen to me??' but the pure unadulterated joy of chemicals whacking my brain into staying awake just wont let me be miserable!!

I have jetlag. I'm 90% sure of it. Or I'm just living in the wrong part of the world.

Also : The first episode of Star Trek first aired this day, in 1966!! (info via twitter @thinkgeek)
How awesome is that?

Or maybe the realization that in 1966 TWO awesome things happened is what did my head in..? Star Trek AND England winning the World Cup (yes, I realize that it was in July and not on the same date as Star Trek airing). Whatevs.

Giddyness for the whole day! Yay!

It's like being shit drunk, but without the hangover.

Friday, 4 September 2009

I don't mean to compartmentalize..

.. but I do, because that's how my brain works.

So, remember a few pots ago I was talking about how I keep every email my friends send me (if possible)? Yes, well, I was re-reading a few of them, and dear Goddess above - I'm a whiny brat. Seriously. Whine, whine, whine.. whine, whine. Its always a case of 'My life is woe! My head hurts because.. WOE!'. Its amazing the people I emailed ever replied to me at all! (I have my happy moments, but believe me when I say "90% woe".)

But this blog.. Reading it again - I'm like a rapid happy person full of positive messages and happy thoughts. While I can be an annoyingly cheerful person when I put my mind to it, I'm not always 100% positive. I cuss loudly and angrily when I drive, I have moments when I feel like I should hit someone just to see what happens, and I cry over silly things when I PMS.

I don't mean to put things in little boxes, but I do that. Emails are for woeful news, privately directed at people I know, and the blog is for happy things which makes me feel like life is worth living after all. My diary is where I sound like a headcase trying to sort out my thoughts. Chats over coffee are for life-affirming decisions. Chats after midnight is for dirty jokes and naughty secrets. Chats over food are light hearted, until the food is all consumed..

See, I don't do this deliberately - I just do. And my lovely, lovely friends are wonderful for putting up with me. But in an effort to shake things up a little bit.. I'm going to try and sound out my thoughts as is. Well, in blogs and emails anyways.

Look out for icky posts in the future!
(Or not, I've been in a good mood lately.)

Food, glorious food!!

Ramadhan again.

I can deal with the fasting bit really, I've been fasting for more than 20 years after all. I just find the impact of the 'no food, no drinks' bit a bit much on my social life.

I know there's a ton of things you can do without consuming anything, but to me they also mean 'no heart to hearts'. Book shopping is a favorite, but usually discussions center around books we've read lately and new releases from mutual favorite authors. Shopping in general is fun, but again - its a bit hard to tell someone your inner most thoughts while you giggle over ill-fitting clothes. Movie going - well that one explains itself.

Its rather strange to realize just how much of my social live revolves around food and/or drinks. Take it out of the equation and I'm left confused. There is of course the option of inviting them around to my house - but in Jakarta that's just not practical. Its a huge city and we're scattered all over the place.

So lately, I've been relying on my yahoo messenger. Its just not the same.

I quite enjoy Ramadhan as its a big thing for the family, and we gather every night to pray and break the fast, but yeah.. I look forward to the day I can drag my friends out for coffee again..!

(I'm not really all that religious, so me writing 'to pray' up there, feels really strange. A little shiver ran down my spine. Hahaha. Ask my friends, I usually run the other way when someone asks me if I'm going to do my sholat. But hey, its Ramadhan, the one month of the year you'll see me donning the full mukenah.)

Sunday, 30 August 2009

If you're ever in the area..

.. send my love, and tell her I miss her dearly.

If you ever get the chance to go to England, and wish to spend a quiet day relaxed, go to Exeter. Drink a cup of tea and feel humble in front of the cathedral. Take a walk by the quay and smile at strangers. Stroll through the high street and enjoy the bustle - stop by St. George's market (if it's still there) at any time of day and have a breakfast of chips, sausages and eggs. Visit the library and close your eyes for a moment. Go over to The House That Moved and marvel at the absurdity of moving a whole house. Peek in corners and passages for strange hidden delights.

Go to Pennsylvania, past Elliott Close, past the corner shop. All the way down to the recycling bins.. Walk towards the bushes and find the hidden path to eat wild blueberries. Stain your mouth and enjoy the burst of flavour, and wash your hands in the titchy stream. Watch out for the horse poop.

One day I'll be back. To eat fish and chips near the statue of the blue boy. Or grab a crepe, hopefully you'll remember me Crepe Man. Thank you for the delicious treats and feeding me even when I didn't have enough money. Now excuse me while I spend a few minutes bawling.

The House That Moved.

I took a lot of these pictures from the Exeter group over at facebook. Fek.

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Unbelievably sentimental

(Yes. The picture above is of my inbox - Everything is neatly sorted into folders. 'Cause that's how I roll.)

I'm one of those people who have to work hard at getting rid of clutter, I'd be convinced I'd need something for.. whatever reason it is I've convinced myself I'd need stuff for. I'll eventually throw stuff out, but it does take me a while to come to that decision!.. but I never throw cards and letters away.

The habit has sort of been continued to email, which I have mixed feelings about. On the one hand - unlimited space! No real life clutter! But.. I've lost so many emails from my bestest friends because I forgot to log in to my hotmail account after I switched over to yahoo. It's still an annoying itch I can't scratch when I'm reminded of the hundreds of lost correspondence. I've learnt my lesson! - I print them out these days.

But yeah.. Its icky when I remember the lost letters, because every few years I like to dig these up and read them over. Its a bittersweet experience, a roller-coaster ride of memories and emotions.

I don't exactly know what changed, but I seem to hardly ever write letters and emails anymore. Its possibly because I can always just text the people I want to contact, or chat online with them, or twitter them a message, or even send a short note on facebook.. The possibilities are endless. But I do miss taking the time out to compose a long letter, sometimes just rambling about the most random subjects and waiting excitedly for a reply.

I make such a fuss over this probably because I like having a record of my life on paper. Or at least some sort media which I can look over any time I want.

This is possibly also why I have a stack of journals I hide, as well as this online record.

Sunday, 16 August 2009

An illustration of my parents in 100 words.

Mum: I hate the theatrics in football.
Dad: But they're running. High speed collision = Funny scenes of grown ups rolling around on the ground.
Mum: Pffthz.
Dad: *demonstrates tackles*
Mum: *On the ground, and in pain* You will pay for this.
Dad: See! You were standing still and you're in pain. Imagine if I did that while you were running.
Mum: Kids, get him.
*tickle fight*

My 58 year old father demonstrates my cat jumping, he crashes into the couch and hurts his hips.
Dad: It doesn't hurt.
Mum: Hahaha.. HAHAHA. *calmly sips tea, and doesn't help*


And people wonder why I'm so against the whole 'being a serious grown up for 24/7' business. Happy giggles in the morning, indeed.


Sunday, 9 August 2009

Old pics posted anew..!

Just a couple of random pics I took and posted ages and ages and ages ago.. And the one below, I have to admit is one of my all time fave shots.

My dearest most beloved bestiePOOP.

I'm too too easily amused.

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Bag SQUEE. Oh and life goals.

My favourite sentence to read so far, this year :

Thank you for your timely payment. I will get your Item shipped soon. Thanks again

SQUEE! I love the internet. I love vintage bags. And I love the 80's.

So yes. Etsy is a combination of catnip, crack and caffeine for me. Especially when I haven't had any sleep. Oh the prettyness available on teh int3rw3bz makes me dizzy.

No, this post wont just be me squealing about the beautiful 80's grey-brown wondrous patchwork bag I have just ten minutes or so ago purchased. I promise.

See, I have these 'goals' I want to achieve before I'm 30. Well, not so much 'goals' as random sillyness I want to do so I can brag that I've lived a little in my youth - and I figure writing them down is a good start. You know, the whole - visualize it, then reach for it with both hands thing. So here they are!!

1. I want to spend $250 on etsy. I want corsets, bags and shoes. Yes, shopping is a goal. If I have the dosh to spend, then logically it means I have the job that can fund my madness.

2. Learn the violin.
Even if I am semi-tone deaf when it comes to playing stuff.

3. Start learning French again.
Just so I can read all those letters my friend and I exchanged when we were 13.

4. Go on a beach-hopping trip around Jawa, and be a beach bum for a month. Because Indonesian beaches are just to beautiful to ignore.

5. Go on a holiday by myself. Being in Bali on my own, last year made me realize how much I love exploring places by myself.

6. Dye my hair an outrageous colour. Like fire-engine red or bright purple. This is partly because I've always wanted to do this, and partly because I want to stick my tongue out at my brother who once dyed his hair bright red with one huge yellow streak.. Or alternatively - I want to go bald.

7. Pamper my mum and dad. Because fabulous parents should be treasured. And I figure I owe them for all the times I've patted their arms patronizingly and saying : "Toys should be seen and not heard".

8. Learn to sew. Oh I can sew, but I mean sew as in tailoring a beautiful personalized skirt, so that I can turn heads, and make people drool. Over my bodacious curves. Err, I mean my mad sk1llz with the sewing machine.

9. Spend a whole weekend being plastered out of my mind with my two best friends. Because it's unfair that other people have seen them that drunk, but I haven't had the chance to point at them and laugh.

10. Have a costume party on my birthday. And I mean full on fancy dress costumes. - And then go out to a fancy place to eat dinner. - Was gonna do this paticular one this year, but I took pity on my more.. sahll we say.. 'reserved' friends.

Random things which will make me happy and giggle to myself, because I'm easily pleased. What can I say - I love sillyness in all its glorious form. Oh here's another one:

I hope I'm never too busy sticking my head up my arse to know when to let down my hair and have fun. I hope I'll always be able to talk to a 7-year old as if we're peers of the same age, and I hope I never stop being easily pleased


Top left corner of this page..!

My Daily Mugshow! It's supposed to be daily pictures taken with the same expression, and over a course of time it'll look quite cool.

I'm trying out how many different ways can I obscure at least half of my face.

Why? Why not.

Monday, 3 August 2009

Strange dreams indeed.

I have no idea why, but I woke up thinking 'Romeo is a prick.'

I then showered and hunkered down to concentrate on my undergrad thesis feeling strangely inspired.

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Music pimpin'..!!!

Have you ever heard something so good that you start swearing?
(Yes, this is a variation of Russell Howard's "Eating something so good you want to sexually gratify whoever made it" line)

Anyway. Yes. Seriously amazing. The Impellers. You have to click on their name, go to their MySpace site and just listen. The vocalist has one hell of a voice. And the music.. Oh Gods - the music. You can't help but move to it. It sounds amazing. Just whoa.

I was listening to Craig Charles Funk And Soul Show on BBC 6music's iPlayer, bopping along to the great tracks while doing some chores in my room and was stopped dead in my tracks when they did a cover of The Ting Ting's 'That's Not My Name'. I'm not a big fan of that song to be honest, it just grates my ears after a couple of times hearing it blasted at me from every direction I turn.. But The Impellers was just amazing, they did a live cover in the 6music studio and seriously - just whoa.

It's supposed to be up on the site in the next couple of days (hours if Craig Charles has anything to do with it, apparently).. Check it out if you're a fan of funk. Hell, check them out even if you're not a big fan of funk. Amazing stuff.

Thursday, 30 July 2009

Delicious Yummy Goodness..!

Cakes, wonderful cakes..! By Veruska, over from deviantArt. Wonderful sense of humour, huh? I particularly love the one with bottles strewn about and the couple being pissed as anything, blissful expressions on their faces.

But hang on..! If seeing those cakes boggle your mind, check out this yummy advert:

And the making of:

Just the thought of watching the advert again has my stomach rumbling in anticipation. I think tomorrow I shall frolic amongst cakes..! (By which I mean, I will spend the money I really shouldn't spend on delicious noms..!)

God, I love food.

Tuesday, 28 July 2009


"How despicably have I acted!' she cried. - 'I, who have prided myself on my discernment! - I, who have valued myself on my abilities!"

- Elizabeth Bennet, chapter 36
Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen

Ms. Austen's book is a much loved book, I may be a book-whore, but I have to admit the only one undergoing special treatment is this one particular title. The photo above is my own dog-eared copy of Pride and Prejudice. Well, one of them anyway - the first one in fact. I have since collected 3 others, and I plan on collecting more. I love having the many different covers from this wonderful book, so I do like to keep my eyes open. Though I must confess I only ever read the one pictured above, it has huge sentimental value.. And I enjoyed reading the introduction as written by Ms. Gail Cunningham of Kingston University.

Anyways, I'm not writing a review, nor am I proffessing my love of this book at the moment.. It's the quote I wrote above..

The exact moment Lizzie utters this is after she reads a letter from Darcy, explaining away misunderstandings between the two which were outed during his confession of love. Lizzie then realized that she judged people just as unfairly as others, even despite her pride that she was level headed and critical.

I don't know how many times that quote has saved me from making an idiot of myself. Everytime I remember it, I slap myself internally and force myself to listen carefully, observe and think things over before making a decision.

And I thought I'd share it.

I have many, many things stuck inside my head in the form of quotes from books. I figure I may as well write them down. :D

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Messes Cranky Pants

I have found that I'm getting consistently intolerant of other people's inadequacies (while conveniently forgetting my own pile of idiotic stunts, pulled daily - on the hour, every hour.). I should socialize more often and rid myself of this annoying sneer, lest I become that person.

You know that person - everyone knows one. He who sneers at others, and finds himself perfect and without fault. One who demands apologies but never seems to be able to say one properly himself. You know, the person who says he strives for truths while only giving half truths, and regards compassion and tact with contempt.

Oh they probably can mask their snobby outlook and stick on a mask, masquerading as a perfectly good friend - as long as: 1. You don't hang out with them much, 2. You only meet them in a group setting, and/or 3. You keep things at a distance. Because God forbid you get close and find out they like to burn their friends in little bursts, to test their 'loyalty'.

*le sigh*

Yes I suppose I'm talking about one person in particular.

Anyway, this isn't about him (for once), this is about me and my inability to socialize properly these days. I find I'm getting more and more intolerant and impatient of people I deem 'overly and unnecessarily emotional', both in facing people and in their outlook of life. I just find them tiring, and I get tired so easily these days.

Not to say I regard those with a zest for life with contempt - au contraire. I love talking with passionate people, their fire inspires me to get off my butt and do something. I love shooting off with people who laugh like there's no one else in the room, and cry genuine tears (as opposed to those fake crocodile ones we all so despise). I love, love passionate people who have something to be passionate about.

I just have no patience for those who find drama in everything they do, and aren't thankful for the things they have - they annoy me to no end. Especially those who proudly broadcast to the world how shitty their good life is.

And I'm so sorely tempted to delete them from my facebook.
(Except I live by my own weird code of ethics I work by, one of which states: 'thou shalt not leave without saying why'. Aka, if I want them off my facebook, I should really tell them first. And I really don't want to deal witht he fuss they will kick off. So I'll leave them be and ignore their posts xD)


In a roundabout way, I'm saying I should get out of my comfort zone of deliciously wonderful friends, and dive into a more diverse world. I have to get used to dealing with people again, so that I don't find myself growling everytime someone offends my "delicate" sensibilities.

This whole socializing thing is such a whole lot of work..!

Sunday, 19 July 2009

Oh, it must be autumn!

Its not summer..! ITS AUTUMN!

Why? Because I've sort of stuck "autumn" and "happiness" together. So when I'm especially happy, I like to think of it as autumn. Weird? Yes. But why not.

I'm feeling happy because there is an abundance of talented people in this world. These days I've been frequenting Myspace, etsy, deviantArt.. alot. God, the sheer abundance of gorgeous minds available, just floor me. Lovely, lovely, creative, and mind-numbingly brilliant minds..! Its all just.. well, I've been spending years on the net and I haven't run out of things to see and coo over, and wantwantWANT (because the evil internet now supports safer international transactions).

Oh you talented people..!

And you know what.. those are just the well known sites. There's a shit load (pardon my French) of sites promoting communities dedicated to certain 'arts', individual sites showcasing works, and a gazzillion more sites which are just inspirational and just - whoa.

I hate the internet for sometimes making me feel so small, but I love it even more for the sheer abundance of ideas available and the lovely, lovely, lovely people who generously share knowledge, and know-hows (I've even found a tutorial on how to do taxidermy on a rat on dA).

How can you hate the world in an era like this? So many beautiful people to meet and greet, so little time..! So here's my little greeting to anyone who's interested..


Yes, its one of those gorgeous days when I wake up and realize I've fallen in love with the world all over again. We have a tumultuous relationship, me and the world - but my baby never dissapoints. It likes to throw me a lifeline now and then when I start to think I'm hitting rock-bottom.

Friday, 17 July 2009

WE ARE NOT AFRAID. *remixed*

Okay we are- or at least I am.. because every sane person is afraid of death. But we're a strong nation, we will get through this and come out stronger than ever.

I'm of course talking about recent bombings in Jakarta. There's just so many emotions going through me at the moment, that I don't think I'll be able to be very coherent.

Indonesia will get through this - that much I believe.

Monday, 13 July 2009

Great Oogly Moogly, Batman!

Smokin' hot, vintage 20 year old Italian leather heels. As donated by auntie numero uno, who donated them to auntie numero duo and then to yours truly! (Excellent condition, as neither wear heels much!)

And..! These gorgeous.. errr.. I shall dub them my Cowboy Heels! Ann Taylor Cowboy Heels! As donated by generous auntie numero duo.

Life is good Batman. Life is good.


Sunday, 12 July 2009

Idiots vs. comedy genius

To this day, I have not yet made up my mind yet if these two are in fact idiots, or comedy geniuses..! All I know is that I always laugh my arse off when watching their vids.

Kudos to Rove McManus for sharing Hamish and Andy with the world.

Saturday, 11 July 2009

backlog of pics..! PART 2 : Mi Familia

The previous post was dedicated to strangers, now it's time for my family. I'll admit I love taking pictures of them as kids for blackmail purposes. Already one of them (Rifa, as it so happens - the star of this post), keeps running away when I show her pictures of her as a 5 year old. Fun, right? (Keeps her out of my room too!)

But really, they're very fun to photograph. Children are expressive by nature, and my family seems to have an abundance of energy to pose (even the adults, as it so happens). So here's a snippet of The Condet Clan.

(The name 'The Condet Clan' is a joke which stemmed from the fact that we all seemed to own black cars - with the exception of yours trully, who owns a beautiful forest-green car by the name of Phillip. Anyways, yes. When we gather, it's like the frickin' Mob. All black cars, and - for Indonesians - abnormally tall people. Hence the name The Condet Clan. My grandpapa is the perfect Godfather too..!)

ANYWAYS! Without further ado:

The RIFA Series, she must have been about.. 5? 6? Adorable and cute and was still very much the cuddly little girl we all fell in love with. Yes, she's the baby of the family - youngest grandkid and all.

My personal fave is this one:
And now? Well here's Rifa now(ish) - the cute yet very much evil, manipulative little bugger at age 8. Taken last year.

Below is Bilal, my (still) adorable 11 year old cousin! (Even Rifa seems to treat him like a younger sibling! Haha)

Last, but certainly not least! Latifa - My first niece. Age 7 (or 8?) months.

As mentioned before in part the first, all photos are posted on my deviantArt account : HERE.

backlog of pics..! PART 1 : Random Kiddies

My fave picture of a random kid so far.

For someone who can't really stand "chil'urn" for long periods of time (family not counted), I seem to have accumulated quite a lot pictures of the little blighters. There's quite a few to load, so apologies for taking up your bandwidth!



And I posted a few a while back in this blog, located here.

And all are posted on my deviantArt account : HERE. *pimpin'*