Monday, 30 November 2009

Apathy vs. .. Whatever it is I'm feeling at the moment.

I'm at a strange point in my life where I feel that most of everything I think should be kept private. Half because I know nothing of the world, and half because - whatever I say will only add fuel to the fire (I see lots of clashing opinions around me, lately. - That's what happens when you surround yourself with opinionated people.)

I wouldn't say I'm being apathetic, I'm just.. careful.

I realize I spew a lot of bs, a lot of the times. But as long as they're confined to voicing my own personal thoughts (on ice cream, books, and other such trivial matters) and/or to how I view myself.. Then I figure I'm not pissing people off.

And maybe that's partly because I hate seeing people get riled up. Especially my elders. They have heart problems. (Haha..!)

But yes.. I'm not detaching myself from the world, I'm feeling joy and sadness and pain and (lots of) anger, but unless it's about trivial matters, I just don't see the point of being mouthy. One day maybe.. When I'm in a position to make a change. But for now.. As a student (who should have graduated ages ago), who is barely legal (I still consider 23 as barely legal, yes.), and as a person who still has much to learn from the world.. I'm going to try to keep my cool and keep my bs to a minimum.


Talking of graduation.. I really should do that. Soon. I need a job. There's been an onslaught of books I want lately. The list just keeps getting longer. *sigh*

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