Friday, 20 November 2009


Dengeki Daisy by Motomi Kyousuke

The above is a panel from a silly manga I've recently gotten into.

So.. What does it tell you that I tend to *still* talk about those topics when I'm still hanging out with my friends? Ahahaha!

Love and sex still mystifies us and is always a good subject for giggles, scary stories usually end up with me cowering in my blankets (I'm a big baby. I get scared easily!) and "boundaries to the universe" questions are fun. And if Jo is around, they'll turn into heated debates before tapering of into ridiculous 'what if' scenarios involving snot and puke, or if she's being particularly creative - both.

Ah such is life.

I have no problems with admitting how immature and juvenile I am. *big grin*


colson said...

Love and Sex? Boundary to universe?

These are the favorite topics in my old people's home also! And of course the bad manners of the youngsters.

mousharilla said...

What, no scary stories, opa?? :P

rinarina said...

aaaaaaaaah. eh ini ada linknya? jd pengen baca..hahahaha

mousharilla said...

onemanga bi. onemanga :D