Friday, 13 November 2009

Russell Howard DVD : Dingledodies tour

Russell's new DVD is out. And the verdict? He doesn't disappoint.

Which is of course a huge understatement. I tried my hardest not to giggle too loudly as it is currently 2.30 am, and I've literally just finished the hour long DVD. I was literally shaking with laughter and I banged my head against the desk several times.


The clip doesn't do the set justice to be honest, it's too short and taken out of the longer routine which had me in stitches. Of course, since it is meant to be a preview - well. See if you can find the DVD.

He's ever playful in his delivery, jumping from one part of the stage to the next and will repeatedly (and unashamedly) start shagging the air.. It all helps deliver the underlying message of his set - which is that life should be lived and enjoyed. And just about everyone gets to be the subject of his glee, from his audience - a man who came in late, a girl that asked to shag him, to mention a few. To his family and friends, who sound deliciously demented.

It's always a joy, Mr. Howard.

I only wish I would one day get a chance to see him live. ^___^

I don't know why it never occurred to me before to search out childhood terms I pretended to understand as a kid.. Anyway, Russell mentioned once the term 'Mars bar party' and the light switched on and I went "Oooohh.. is that what it was?" - 12 years since the first time I heard of it.

So Matt, Jon and Huw - HAHAHA! I know what it means now!.. Also - EWWW!


colson said...

You're right again. Absolutely great. Still I think Theo Maassen tops them all (just have to learn some Dutch and check here:

mousharilla said...

The routine is better seen in full ^^ He's just unbelievably silly and fun! :D