Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Though I'm 4 days late..

I've decided something.

NaNoWriMo is a go!

Here's to a month of coffee and late night Damn you, Calvin!!!


colson said...

So, Calvin called olut the worst in you...

I guess I've seen the last of you on this blog of yours for as long as November lasts? Every single minute will have to be devoted from now on to writing 50000 catchy words molded into catchy phrases.

(But then, how difficult can it be. It's a novel if you choose to call it a novel. So you can put words randomly on paper. Like: "mother last year. had a thunderous row. in a restaurant. with a gorgeous waitress. Splash, boom, bang etc")

rinarina said...

eh gw bisa liat tulisan kalian ga si??

calvin said...

Holy crab. It's two week already and I'm still 13,000 words!!!! (but again, I have hard time to squeeze my imaginations)

btw writing in english is not as tedious as I thought it to be.

mousharilla said...

Colson : yes, because that Calvin is an evil person. Hahaha.
I'm not sure I'm going to make it to be honest.. I've been such a bum, although thinking up creative uses of murder plots has got me all excited. :D

Bi: Only if we let you ;P

Calvin: Hush you over productive person! Hey wanna swap stories once it's done?? :D

calvin said...

atri: definitely! after I edited it , or do you prefer to read the crappy version first?

Well I'm amazed with my creativity of making subplot here and there which makes the plot seems going nowhere =))