Monday, 20 August 2012

happy (?) eid

So Ramadhan came and went, so have Eid.

I used to be excited over Eid. This year.. Not so.

This is getting to be a horrible trend. What with me not being all bubbly and happy over my birthday earlier this year (having said that, I had a smashing time getting.. well.. smashed.), and then not gleefully counting the days to my holidays. Now Eid is sort of just.. blah.. for me. I hope Christmas and New Year's will somehow revive my silly, giddy ways.

I don't think it's a sign of me getting older.. I don't think. I hope not.

I just need to get fired up over something again.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

oh look! giveaway going on at DiploWife's blog :D

Giveaway url:

The Diplomatic Wife is a blog I follow, with lovely posts on interior stuff, reviews of nice places, and envy-inducing travel posts. She's having a giveaway of her favourite things from Manila.. Yay! Unfortunately, it's only for people who live in and around Jakarta. So, go clickety-click if you can! :)

In which I try to write coherent book reviews..

and fail spectacularly.

HAHA! : This is my attempt at channeling the two things I enjoy the most: reading, and ranting about books. Because I need to practice writing. I should update with new stuff, but for now, two reviews are up from way back in 2009, reposted from an old blog. Hohoho!


Please do visit! :)