Tuesday, 17 November 2009


Argh. NaNoWriMo fail!

Mostly because I'm a bum. But there's a couple of other things in the way as well.. But they're all excuses and like Twinno says 'excuses are lame and mean nothing when it comes to looking at the bigger picture'.. So yes. But I'm still going to continue the stuff I'm working on, I can probably revamp it into a shorter story. And so.. Yes.

Excuses. Pffthz.


rinarina said...

do your other must do if i may say.. okay!?

colson said...

Yes, okay, a short, at least a shorter story...I'm sure it will be great anyhow.

I'm optimistic. Perhaps because of this peculiar coincidence. Your colleague, tThe literary giant ( well a deceased giant) Vladimir Nabokov, had his last novel published this month: "The original Laura. Death is fun.". It's a commercial success: the first million dollars are on his son's bank account already.

The difference is: You are alive and kicking, Vladimir is dead. But the similarity is that this novel of his also is much shorter ( 25 pages text) that he had planned.

Maybe this creative idea of his publisher can be of some use too. In the book each and ever scratch of paper on which the author made his notes, have been included in the book. In that way it looks like the book is as large as a holy book.

mousharilla said...

Bi: Yes. Well.

Colson: I only wish I had a tiny sliver of the talent that Nabokov had with words. :D But thank you sir, for your kind words ^^

calvin said...

Yaaah Atri!

I could guess you are failing.


Try to switch different computer so you wont peek the content of these hidden folders which lead to distraction...

I thought you have stopped downloading these? :d