Friday, 4 September 2009

Food, glorious food!!

Ramadhan again.

I can deal with the fasting bit really, I've been fasting for more than 20 years after all. I just find the impact of the 'no food, no drinks' bit a bit much on my social life.

I know there's a ton of things you can do without consuming anything, but to me they also mean 'no heart to hearts'. Book shopping is a favorite, but usually discussions center around books we've read lately and new releases from mutual favorite authors. Shopping in general is fun, but again - its a bit hard to tell someone your inner most thoughts while you giggle over ill-fitting clothes. Movie going - well that one explains itself.

Its rather strange to realize just how much of my social live revolves around food and/or drinks. Take it out of the equation and I'm left confused. There is of course the option of inviting them around to my house - but in Jakarta that's just not practical. Its a huge city and we're scattered all over the place.

So lately, I've been relying on my yahoo messenger. Its just not the same.

I quite enjoy Ramadhan as its a big thing for the family, and we gather every night to pray and break the fast, but yeah.. I look forward to the day I can drag my friends out for coffee again..!

(I'm not really all that religious, so me writing 'to pray' up there, feels really strange. A little shiver ran down my spine. Hahaha. Ask my friends, I usually run the other way when someone asks me if I'm going to do my sholat. But hey, its Ramadhan, the one month of the year you'll see me donning the full mukenah.)


colson said...

I really admire all those people fasting for a month** Probably I could do with some food 'n drink discipline too. Though, what the heck: as a heathen I'm doomed anyway.

** From reliable sources I learned that after Ramadan quite a number of people have gained considerable amounts of weight.

rinarina said...

Loving how Ramadhan bring joy and peace to our soul.. :)
Yet, looking forward to lee-not-steve 1st appearance around the corner ;)
May all got some learning this month! Amen..

mousharilla said...

Colson: Yes. Weight gain is the strange outcome of fasting - Prolly because we stuff our mouths at the end of every day! Hahahaha
I'm sure there's a special comfy, pillow-lined place for do-gooders. Especially kindly ones who cheer people on. :D

Bi: L-not-S will be by your place within the fortnight! :D Pwomise! Hows about another movie marathon, darling girl?? xD

rinarina said...

Uuhh,, movie marathon sound good!! But uh, when or what is 'fortnight' *grinning*..