Sunday, 30 August 2009

If you're ever in the area..

.. send my love, and tell her I miss her dearly.

If you ever get the chance to go to England, and wish to spend a quiet day relaxed, go to Exeter. Drink a cup of tea and feel humble in front of the cathedral. Take a walk by the quay and smile at strangers. Stroll through the high street and enjoy the bustle - stop by St. George's market (if it's still there) at any time of day and have a breakfast of chips, sausages and eggs. Visit the library and close your eyes for a moment. Go over to The House That Moved and marvel at the absurdity of moving a whole house. Peek in corners and passages for strange hidden delights.

Go to Pennsylvania, past Elliott Close, past the corner shop. All the way down to the recycling bins.. Walk towards the bushes and find the hidden path to eat wild blueberries. Stain your mouth and enjoy the burst of flavour, and wash your hands in the titchy stream. Watch out for the horse poop.

One day I'll be back. To eat fish and chips near the statue of the blue boy. Or grab a crepe, hopefully you'll remember me Crepe Man. Thank you for the delicious treats and feeding me even when I didn't have enough money. Now excuse me while I spend a few minutes bawling.

The House That Moved.

I took a lot of these pictures from the Exeter group over at facebook. Fek.


colson said...

Plymouth, Exeter, Bristol... Not very likely it is gonna be my destination very soon. Seems to be a nice environment though.

Quiet place. Relaxing atmosphere. But probably with an above average number of typically eccentric English middle class people. Moving houses - a case for Miss Marple. Or perhaps there is a lot of underground darkness which could be the perfect biotope for inspector Barnaby and 'Midsomer Murders'.

(By the way: the mugshot has got fascinating. A second person has appeared some time ago. Is she/he trustworthy?)

rinarina said...

hope you'll find your way back there one day tri! *and take me with you if you got a lot of bucks with you,, ;;)*

mousharilla said...

It's such a wonderful place to visit! And its very.. sweet. Lots of "Hello duck"s and "alright love?"s. Everyone was so friendly and random people liked to strike up a chat on the bus.

Old people especially seemed to like talking to me. I spent one bus ride with an old lady who loved to talk about the Quay.

Bi: Most likely, you'll be paying for my ticket! :P

calvin said...

ooh it looks perfect setting for dracula and horror movies :)