Sunday, 16 August 2009

An illustration of my parents in 100 words.

Mum: I hate the theatrics in football.
Dad: But they're running. High speed collision = Funny scenes of grown ups rolling around on the ground.
Mum: Pffthz.
Dad: *demonstrates tackles*
Mum: *On the ground, and in pain* You will pay for this.
Dad: See! You were standing still and you're in pain. Imagine if I did that while you were running.
Mum: Kids, get him.
*tickle fight*

My 58 year old father demonstrates my cat jumping, he crashes into the couch and hurts his hips.
Dad: It doesn't hurt.
Mum: Hahaha.. HAHAHA. *calmly sips tea, and doesn't help*


And people wonder why I'm so against the whole 'being a serious grown up for 24/7' business. Happy giggles in the morning, indeed.



colson said...

Terrific father you have!

By comparison: when I was 58 I didn't dare to a cat jump, I just walked the dog occasionally( or rather the dog walked me)

Btw: Have a great Independence Day! Well, actually the few hours which are left of it.

calvin said...

hahah, what a lively family you have. happy independence day too. you know I stil cant write any update to my blog because I'm still watching charmed.

mousharilla said...

Colson: Hahaha thank you.. Yes he's all kinds of awesome :D

Calvin: Huss.. Nulis giiihhh! If only to fuel your obsession some more ;P