Sunday, 9 August 2009

Old pics posted anew..!

Just a couple of random pics I took and posted ages and ages and ages ago.. And the one below, I have to admit is one of my all time fave shots.

My dearest most beloved bestiePOOP.


colson said...

"Random pics"... My ass. They are BEAUTIFUL.I mean they are GREAT (and I'm damned sure you know it). Small pieces of art.

And as for the picture of the young lady.. Pretty, intriguing, fascinating, funny, kissable. Where can I buy the poster?

mousharilla said...

Oh, I wasn't belittling my own work, trust me. That's just referring to random pics I took ages ago, as in - not in any particular order or theme! :D Hehe. Thanks always for the compliments.

Ahaha, no poster available yet as I think Mita would kill me if I sold her face. Kekeke

rinarina said...

daily mugshot lo ada yg ada bokap lo di belakang yah? hahha

calvin said...

omg tri, what are you doing putting one of your self pic in this post *you know what I'm talking about*

great pic as always.

mousharilla said...

Bi.. That's my brother xD My dad is so much round-er

Vin.. Thank you dear heart! :D