Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Unbelievably sentimental

(Yes. The picture above is of my inbox - Everything is neatly sorted into folders. 'Cause that's how I roll.)

I'm one of those people who have to work hard at getting rid of clutter, I'd be convinced I'd need something for.. whatever reason it is I've convinced myself I'd need stuff for. I'll eventually throw stuff out, but it does take me a while to come to that decision!.. but I never throw cards and letters away.

The habit has sort of been continued to email, which I have mixed feelings about. On the one hand - unlimited space! No real life clutter! But.. I've lost so many emails from my bestest friends because I forgot to log in to my hotmail account after I switched over to yahoo. It's still an annoying itch I can't scratch when I'm reminded of the hundreds of lost correspondence. I've learnt my lesson! - I print them out these days.

But yeah.. Its icky when I remember the lost letters, because every few years I like to dig these up and read them over. Its a bittersweet experience, a roller-coaster ride of memories and emotions.

I don't exactly know what changed, but I seem to hardly ever write letters and emails anymore. Its possibly because I can always just text the people I want to contact, or chat online with them, or twitter them a message, or even send a short note on facebook.. The possibilities are endless. But I do miss taking the time out to compose a long letter, sometimes just rambling about the most random subjects and waiting excitedly for a reply.

I make such a fuss over this probably because I like having a record of my life on paper. Or at least some sort media which I can look over any time I want.

This is possibly also why I have a stack of journals I hide, as well as this online record.


colson said...

Orderly, structured and disciplined - O, how I admire that. I have to start to live by those guidelines without much ado tomorrow too.

I think by the way you touched on a real sad phenomenon: less and less people are able to write an elegant, fine, nicely composed letter in a superior style. Even thorough, stimulating long articles on relevant subjects are rare (or absent)- even in the best of newspapers and weekly.

Some grumpy old men may say it probably is due to the new media.

calvin said...

alien, return my friend atri, NAO