Thursday, 6 August 2009

Bag SQUEE. Oh and life goals.

My favourite sentence to read so far, this year :

Thank you for your timely payment. I will get your Item shipped soon. Thanks again

SQUEE! I love the internet. I love vintage bags. And I love the 80's.

So yes. Etsy is a combination of catnip, crack and caffeine for me. Especially when I haven't had any sleep. Oh the prettyness available on teh int3rw3bz makes me dizzy.

No, this post wont just be me squealing about the beautiful 80's grey-brown wondrous patchwork bag I have just ten minutes or so ago purchased. I promise.

See, I have these 'goals' I want to achieve before I'm 30. Well, not so much 'goals' as random sillyness I want to do so I can brag that I've lived a little in my youth - and I figure writing them down is a good start. You know, the whole - visualize it, then reach for it with both hands thing. So here they are!!

1. I want to spend $250 on etsy. I want corsets, bags and shoes. Yes, shopping is a goal. If I have the dosh to spend, then logically it means I have the job that can fund my madness.

2. Learn the violin.
Even if I am semi-tone deaf when it comes to playing stuff.

3. Start learning French again.
Just so I can read all those letters my friend and I exchanged when we were 13.

4. Go on a beach-hopping trip around Jawa, and be a beach bum for a month. Because Indonesian beaches are just to beautiful to ignore.

5. Go on a holiday by myself. Being in Bali on my own, last year made me realize how much I love exploring places by myself.

6. Dye my hair an outrageous colour. Like fire-engine red or bright purple. This is partly because I've always wanted to do this, and partly because I want to stick my tongue out at my brother who once dyed his hair bright red with one huge yellow streak.. Or alternatively - I want to go bald.

7. Pamper my mum and dad. Because fabulous parents should be treasured. And I figure I owe them for all the times I've patted their arms patronizingly and saying : "Toys should be seen and not heard".

8. Learn to sew. Oh I can sew, but I mean sew as in tailoring a beautiful personalized skirt, so that I can turn heads, and make people drool. Over my bodacious curves. Err, I mean my mad sk1llz with the sewing machine.

9. Spend a whole weekend being plastered out of my mind with my two best friends. Because it's unfair that other people have seen them that drunk, but I haven't had the chance to point at them and laugh.

10. Have a costume party on my birthday. And I mean full on fancy dress costumes. - And then go out to a fancy place to eat dinner. - Was gonna do this paticular one this year, but I took pity on my more.. sahll we say.. 'reserved' friends.

Random things which will make me happy and giggle to myself, because I'm easily pleased. What can I say - I love sillyness in all its glorious form. Oh here's another one:

I hope I'm never too busy sticking my head up my arse to know when to let down my hair and have fun. I hope I'll always be able to talk to a 7-year old as if we're peers of the same age, and I hope I never stop being easily pleased


MITA DIRAN said...

Eeeergh I so want to shop Etsy, but I has no Paypal. Goal number 5-9 are also on my Before-30 list. And I fully support goal number 4! Let me join you!

mousharilla said...

Err, I don't have paypal either. Ahahaha. I wrangles a credit card tho. Gaaah, having my etsy cherry popped was.. orgasmic xD

colson said...

What is the matter here?

I read numbers: 7 ( in a seven y/o, which is your wished for absolute age ), 13 ( which referred to the age one ought to learn French), 30 ( because that obviously is a checkpoint for success in life) and 80 ( as it is declared as a swell decennium).

Did fortune hit you?
Is something wrong with the twenties or the sixties?
What makes French so special at thirteen? I learned Dutch when I was two!
Can the checkpoint please be changed to, say, seventy, in order to make Winston Churchill's life a success?

But I do agree with seven as a wonderful absolute age.

mousharilla said...

Seven was blissful and fun, I just meant I hope at any age, I will still be able to converse with kids and treat them as my peers as opposed to treating kids as kids and pissing them right off. I remember being an indignant 7 year..! Haha

At 13 I was fluent in French - not so much 'ought to be' as much as 'WAS'.. I was just reminiscing, and it occurred to me that if I did it once, I may be able to do it again..! - The being fluent in French thing.

And 30.. Well that's one of life's checkpoints, no? You have to remember I'm only 23, and 30 seems like a grand ol' age to be :P (no offense hahaha)

I shall of course update these checkpoints as my life progresses. Hopefully I'll still be blogging way into the future :D