Friday, 4 September 2009

I don't mean to compartmentalize..

.. but I do, because that's how my brain works.

So, remember a few pots ago I was talking about how I keep every email my friends send me (if possible)? Yes, well, I was re-reading a few of them, and dear Goddess above - I'm a whiny brat. Seriously. Whine, whine, whine.. whine, whine. Its always a case of 'My life is woe! My head hurts because.. WOE!'. Its amazing the people I emailed ever replied to me at all! (I have my happy moments, but believe me when I say "90% woe".)

But this blog.. Reading it again - I'm like a rapid happy person full of positive messages and happy thoughts. While I can be an annoyingly cheerful person when I put my mind to it, I'm not always 100% positive. I cuss loudly and angrily when I drive, I have moments when I feel like I should hit someone just to see what happens, and I cry over silly things when I PMS.

I don't mean to put things in little boxes, but I do that. Emails are for woeful news, privately directed at people I know, and the blog is for happy things which makes me feel like life is worth living after all. My diary is where I sound like a headcase trying to sort out my thoughts. Chats over coffee are for life-affirming decisions. Chats after midnight is for dirty jokes and naughty secrets. Chats over food are light hearted, until the food is all consumed..

See, I don't do this deliberately - I just do. And my lovely, lovely friends are wonderful for putting up with me. But in an effort to shake things up a little bit.. I'm going to try and sound out my thoughts as is. Well, in blogs and emails anyways.

Look out for icky posts in the future!
(Or not, I've been in a good mood lately.)

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colson said...

If there ever was an organized life..

But you didn't confuse us. Reading this upbeat blog we all knew there had to be this hidden dark, intriguing and exciting side.

Please keep it that way.