Monday, 14 September 2009

The wit of stick-people

Brought to you, by the peeps over at xkcd. Hahaha.

I'm sorry, this one just made me laugh so hard. No offense to all the people out there who write such blogs, as I do read them occasionally (aka when I feel like I should raise my IQ points up a few. Which is.. rarely, as I'm a lazybum).. But yeah.

I know most people don't think they'll be hand-picked to reform the way things are because of their blogs, but write them out of pure frustration and disbelieve at what their (or other people's) governments are doing. Kudos to them for being eloquent enough to state their thoughts beautifully.

So don't start bashing me.

I usually avoid blogs that heavily rely on political-talk in general as sometimes when I read them I *personally* feel like I'm basically flailing at the world, helpless to change it yet adamant that my voice be heard.

Then again, there are cases of ordinary people in history whose extraordinary voices changed the world.. I just realize I wont be one. Hahaha.

(Again no offense meant, as I count some political blog writers as good friends.)

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colson said...

It's obvious. Right. Yeah. Eh. But, you know, I had this revelation. Burning bushes, and that kind of stuff. So I know it is the absolute truth: I'm the chosen one to start the World Revolution. Listen to my gospel or just wait and see.

( Oh, they are coming to take me away, ha ha -