Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Its going to be one of those days.

Lack of sleep always makes me unbelievably giddy and annoyingly perky. I will wave and smile and hug, until eventually I collapse like a puppet whose strings have been cut.

I can feel the early symptoms already - yes.. Any moment now I will be shitting rainbows. And a technicolour burst of light will twinkle at the corners of my eyes, semi blinding me in the process. I'd like to moan and say 'why does this happen to me??' but the pure unadulterated joy of chemicals whacking my brain into staying awake just wont let me be miserable!!

I have jetlag. I'm 90% sure of it. Or I'm just living in the wrong part of the world.

Also : The first episode of Star Trek first aired this day, in 1966!! (info via twitter @thinkgeek)
How awesome is that?

Or maybe the realization that in 1966 TWO awesome things happened is what did my head in..? Star Trek AND England winning the World Cup (yes, I realize that it was in July and not on the same date as Star Trek airing). Whatevs.

Giddyness for the whole day! Yay!

It's like being shit drunk, but without the hangover.


Anonymous said...

Of course, when I'm lacking on sleep, I just get surly. I bet you'd be pretty fun to hang out with, though.

Hendra Lesmana said...

falling from the sky :)

what a day ha,, but huehehe whats the last line meaning 'It's like being shit drunk, but without the hangover. '?


mousharilla said...

Well hello letter A, you do realize you're probably a big reason I'm missing out on sleep..? Not that I mind of course. :P

Hendra: Being drunk in a fun way, when you start laughing at everything for no reason at all, but not feeling the headache and sick feeling afterwards. Gitu pak.. Ga pake pusingnya. Hehehe

colson said...

This is important!

Having the pleasures of alcohol, without paying the price beforehand and without paying a price afterwards.Even without drinking at all.

Easy and cheap.

calvin said...

go to us. eh no, finish your thesis NAO! :P

mousharilla said...

Colson: Ah but there is a price: Missing out on stuffs happening because I zone out so much!

Calvin: Am finishing naos! Wanna read moarsss. Hey btw. First edition book, signed. Plz. Thankee. :D

calvin said...

definitely, I mentioned you in the thanks to, the editing process would begin in october though :d