Thursday, 24 September 2009

Dear The Whitest Boy Alive..

Since you have a new album out and all.. You totally should come by Indonesia again, you know we love and adore you over here. Your awesome sounds are always welcome in our country.

I look forward to you rockin' Jakarta once more.

*Enjoying the new album immensely*

*Note to anyone out in Europe: If you get the chance to check them out - GO (Looks like they're tourin' Europe first). Seriously amazing live performance, Erlend Øye's voice is really that smooth and the music comes across so much better than if you were listening to their CD. You can't help but dance along with Erlend and his funky moves.

(Numero deux on my all time fave bands to see live. Second only to D'Sound. And that's only because I have a huge crush on Simone Larsen. And because seriously, D'Sound is like whoa.)

But this is about The Whitest Boy Alive. And they are fan-bloody-tastic.

WAIT.. HANG ON.. *EDIT 10 seconds after posting*

I was just checking D'Sound's website.. And z0mgwtf!!?!?!?!!11? NEW SINGLE OUT xD And Simone has prettyful new hair! Oh oh oh.. I'm listening to their new single right now. Oh my GOD. I love love love it. :D

I'm gonna spend the next 10 minutes twirling to the new single. YAY!
(Does this mean you guys will be visiting Indonesia again? You did say you loved being here.. I'm getting my hopes up already. I know.)


rinarina said...

masih lho WBA.. hehehe

colson said...

I wonder - in relation to D'Sound and The Whitest Boy Alive- how to define your position on the continuum fan - groupie

As for pop music I'm history. I regret to have to admit I lost track when Sting left The Police. My greatest achievement in this realm was when we ( my loved one and I) accidentally and clumsily bumped into the Hep Stars on a sidewalk in Stockholm.

But, your enthusiasm made me plan to mend my ways: from now on I will keep myself posted on
Erlend Øye.

mousharilla said...

Bi: That's because The Whitest Boy Alive is really THAT good live. Big fan of Erlend Oye! xD

Colson: This might help - for the D'Sound gig I was on the front row, screaming out the lyrics to every single song enthusiastically, and the next day I didn't have much of a voice. xD Hahaha

To be honest I don't keep up with new stuff all that much, I just keep myself updated on the bands I like ^^ And you really should check out D'Sound as well. Simone has a gorgeous voice, and the music is amazing ^^

colson said...

@mousharilla: "screaming out the lyrics to every single song enthusiastically";clearly more than just a fan, dangerously close to becoming a groupie (eh, is there any precedent of a groupie of a female lead singer???)