Saturday, 12 September 2009

Oh yeah.

I think I was about 6 or 7..? Forced into wearing a scratchy and stuffy veil as part of Friday's uniform. Oh and that piece of paper I'm holding? An award for coming in second in class. Oh yeah.

We had a reunion of sorts last week, and it was really fun guessing who each person who came in the door was. Then of course there was a fun round of 'who-had-a-crush-on-who-back-in-the-day', which I skipped stealthily! (It was the guy in the white hat by the way. Hahaha.). Then came several rounds of remembering embarrassing moments and funny anecdotes.

Ah happy memories of simpler (and apparently smarter..) times.


rinarina said...

ahiyak hiyak.. *goofy's laugh style*
i am speechless.
adolescent is so funny and naive and great i guess.
pity them whose not getting enough childhood as we were.

ps: cieh atri kecengannya!!! hahahaha

colson said...

Cute! I would have loved to be the granddad of that sweet little girl.

But, eh, by the way, about these "embarrassing moments and funny anecdotes". Come on, don't be shy, tell, tell.

mousharilla said...

Bi: Hey at 7, he was the cutest guy in *school* (Note: Really new school, very few students!) Hahaha

Colson: Thanks, but you're sadly misguided :P I was a terror. I fully realize that! Hahaha

calvin said...

@colson: atri was, and always will be like... umm... how to say this. she has been always part of errorism.

me want to see your baby pic!