Sunday, 20 September 2009

Hahaha, THIS is why we're friends.

Dear friends, relatives, and colleagues:

As always, this is one of those annual Aidil Fitri celebration messages I used to send. Apparently I'm too lazy to compile any beautiful sentences. However, I suppose I should express how you and me are very blessed to live long enough to embrace this celebration once more. And with each Aidil Fitri passed through, I hope instead of following common custom of buying new stuff, we develop our gratitude and sincerity towards life and others.

With love, Rama Putra

Even though we have our differences, that message came this morning from a guy I proudly call my twin. No, he's not really my twin.. But he's super retarded, and we were in the same group while doing the tedious uni-orientation thing, and retards tend to unite (He'd prefer to call us The Elite Few, but I know better.)


But yes. Definitely my favourite greeting this year.

HAPPY EID TO ALL.. and to all a good night!


colson said...

Because I know you are generous, I guess this wish extends to non-believers also. So, thanks, thanks very much.

(Hope you have/had a, very, good time).

mousharilla said...

I'm well-wishing everybody, Colson. :D