Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Hey, Zacky!

I'm naturally messy. Like.. really messy. Everything around me always turns topsy turvy and everything I wear end up looking scrunched up within 5 seconds of me putting it on. I'm semi-proud of this talent, but I realize I need to scrub up for certain occasions.

Also : I'm practically blind to something called 'fashion'. I just literally throw on whatever it is I have laying next to my bed. I've been known to wear long skirts as dresses and short skirts as tube-tops.

This is important information to know, to understand how out of character my latest purchase is, and why it's a special occasion when I fall in love with clothes.

The picture really doesn't do this top any justice as the colour is so much richer and just breathtaking in person.

In an attempt to look more presentable at more formal occasions, I recruited my cousin to help me shop for tops I can wear with trousers or batik sarongs. She took me to a designer called Zacky. He's still unknown, and works from a tiny kostan (rented rooms) somewhere near Pondok Indah.

GAH. Seriously. People need to keep an eye out for this guy. Gorgeous clothes, with stunning colours and they feel so lovely once you put them on. Like seriously. And because of the way he uses his materials, it's a one-size-fits-most kinda deal. This top looked great on my cousin (who is about.. half my size) and it still looks great on me.

So yes. Zacky.

He'll be at Jakarta Fashion Week, showing his work. Keep an eye out for him. Talented upcoming designer. Zacky. Remember that name. (And he's so nice!!)

(I can't wait for Jakarta Fashion Week to end, since there's a black top I want, but it's for his upcoming show. Not yet for sale. Damn.)


colson said...

Glorious. Exuberant, even though the picture doesn't really do honor to the beauty of the colour of the garment (at least that's what you wrote). But it doubtlessly does honor to the beauty of the lady who wears it.

One cheer for Zacky (I mean, in comparison... Even democracy got merely two cheers).

MITA DIRAN said...

OMG I LOVE THAT TOP!!! Looove drapes and rich, bold colours, and PURPLE :D Does this Zacky has a website? Does he has a lookbook for his collection? Does he ship OVERSEAS? :D