Saturday, 24 October 2009

Russell Howard's Good News

Russell Howard's first episode of his new show recently aired. And by recently I mean 'I'm not sure if it was this week or last week'. And I managed to watch on teh interwebs, and.. Well, I love Russell, I do. I genuinely do. I think he's uplifting and watching the DVD of his 'Adventures' tour never fails to cheer me up.. But the new show.. Well.

Russell Howard's Good News is basically Russell making fun of the news. Newspapers, internet stories, clips from news on TV - literally every media of news is covered. He picks them all apart - the genuinely funny ones, the somewhat ridiculous ones and ones that are just plain stupid. And yes, Russell is funny. And yes, the show had some really good laugh-out-loud moments and moments where you can't help but giggle.. But I don't know.. It would probably do well as part of a stand-up routine which you see once and maybe never again (or maybe a couple of times more on DVD), but I'm not sure the format of the show could hold up to week after week of viewing. I get the feeling things will get old, fast.

But like I said - I'm a fan of Russell's, so I'm going to give this show another shot.

Signing off with a video of Russell's stand up from a couple of years ago.


colson said...

I don't know about this new show (I trust your slightly reserved but expert review), but the "old" video however is great fun.

So, thanks. A lot.

mousharilla said...

His DVD is amazing as well :D Worth watching if you need an easy pick-me-up