Monday, 26 October 2009

Oh be still my beating heart..!

In terms of shopping weaknesses I only have 2 - leather bags (vintage and new!), and silver trinkets.

And today, is a good day for vintage leather bags. A few weeks back, I purchased two bags from Bags Babylon, who was lovely and helpful and patient and just amazing, and today they arrived! YAY!

On display :

On my bed :

I can't wait to parade them around..!

Seriously. You can never have too many leather bags. *drool*


colson said...

This definitely is the most incomprehensible enigma in connection with women ( for the average man): why on earth do all of them have a passionate love affair with bags???!!!

(Granted: the ones you showed are real pieces of art).

calvin said...


(concur with opa's comment above)

mousharilla said...

Silly boys.