Sunday, 19 July 2009

Oh, it must be autumn!

Its not summer..! ITS AUTUMN!

Why? Because I've sort of stuck "autumn" and "happiness" together. So when I'm especially happy, I like to think of it as autumn. Weird? Yes. But why not.

I'm feeling happy because there is an abundance of talented people in this world. These days I've been frequenting Myspace, etsy, deviantArt.. alot. God, the sheer abundance of gorgeous minds available, just floor me. Lovely, lovely, creative, and mind-numbingly brilliant minds..! Its all just.. well, I've been spending years on the net and I haven't run out of things to see and coo over, and wantwantWANT (because the evil internet now supports safer international transactions).

Oh you talented people..!

And you know what.. those are just the well known sites. There's a shit load (pardon my French) of sites promoting communities dedicated to certain 'arts', individual sites showcasing works, and a gazzillion more sites which are just inspirational and just - whoa.

I hate the internet for sometimes making me feel so small, but I love it even more for the sheer abundance of ideas available and the lovely, lovely, lovely people who generously share knowledge, and know-hows (I've even found a tutorial on how to do taxidermy on a rat on dA).

How can you hate the world in an era like this? So many beautiful people to meet and greet, so little time..! So here's my little greeting to anyone who's interested..


Yes, its one of those gorgeous days when I wake up and realize I've fallen in love with the world all over again. We have a tumultuous relationship, me and the world - but my baby never dissapoints. It likes to throw me a lifeline now and then when I start to think I'm hitting rock-bottom.


colson said...

World, autumn, happiness, art, inspirational, wonderful...

This must be the world-record upbeat post in blogosphere of the year.

Okay. Great. But I think we can beat "taxidermy on a rat". In the movie "Taxidermia" ( 2006) someone applies this craft on himself. What about that??

mousharilla said...

Yes, I was feeling disgustingly optimistic yesterday - I get those days at random. Usually when I've just complained about my (relatively) problem free life xD Lol.

I do love those days I feel that way though.

ACK! Seriously? Must search for it, it sounds disgustingly interesting! Lol