Wednesday, 1 July 2009

shades of red and blue

I promised colour, and I keep my promises. Shades of red and blue apparently. Hahaha xD

Originally posted over at my dA.


colson said...

Though I love flowers and red, to me the photo's on the waterfront are even better. I think the ochre
in the second picture is amazing. Absolutely perfect.

MITA DIRAN said...

The fisherman has sexy legs. Maybe it's not in real life, but your pictures make it seem so. I love, love how the blue jumps right out of the photograph like stalking neons. Love love love!

mousharilla said...

colson: yeah, i'm rather fond of the blue-hued ones as well :D
thanks for the compliment! yay!

bestinesspoopdom: he does have sexy legs. i tried to capture the sexy-ness. glad i did it well! :D