Monday, 13 July 2009

Great Oogly Moogly, Batman!

Smokin' hot, vintage 20 year old Italian leather heels. As donated by auntie numero uno, who donated them to auntie numero duo and then to yours truly! (Excellent condition, as neither wear heels much!)

And..! These gorgeous.. errr.. I shall dub them my Cowboy Heels! Ann Taylor Cowboy Heels! As donated by generous auntie numero duo.

Life is good Batman. Life is good.



MITA DIRAN said...

this reminds me, my late grandmother had real italian leather heels that's kept away and duly forgotten. it's too bad she's a size 42 and no one in the family is anywhere near that size :(

mousharilla said...

*hugsies* so.. feet size reduced every generation O_O

A Feminist Blog said...

sexy shoes, eh? :)

Anonymous said...

Wait, are those your legs?