Thursday, 30 July 2009

Delicious Yummy Goodness..!

Cakes, wonderful cakes..! By Veruska, over from deviantArt. Wonderful sense of humour, huh? I particularly love the one with bottles strewn about and the couple being pissed as anything, blissful expressions on their faces.

But hang on..! If seeing those cakes boggle your mind, check out this yummy advert:

And the making of:

Just the thought of watching the advert again has my stomach rumbling in anticipation. I think tomorrow I shall frolic amongst cakes..! (By which I mean, I will spend the money I really shouldn't spend on delicious noms..!)

God, I love food.


Mya said...

damn! by looking those pictures me having cakegasm,.have you tried cheese cake made by lily pattiserie? yummy yummy yummy!

mousharilla said...

Ohh where's that My'?? Bandung or Jakarta?

Mya said...

fortunately (or unfortunately)the precious yummy cheese cake is in Bandung! hehehe
At gempol street , in front of Midori/Bersih Sehat.

mousharilla said...

Right..! That settles it, you're taking me there next week. I need cake xD

colson said...

This was a startling post to me. On seeing this Skoda add I, hungry, ran outside to check if I really could eat my car.

Pffft. Bad luck. Mine is a Skoda Octavia

mousharilla said...

Colson, you poor thing. You must sell your car at once! An edible Skoda is the only Skoda one should have xD Hahaha. Car adverts seriously rock my socks. I'll stick some other cool ones on someday :D