Saturday, 11 July 2009

backlog of pics..! PART 2 : Mi Familia

The previous post was dedicated to strangers, now it's time for my family. I'll admit I love taking pictures of them as kids for blackmail purposes. Already one of them (Rifa, as it so happens - the star of this post), keeps running away when I show her pictures of her as a 5 year old. Fun, right? (Keeps her out of my room too!)

But really, they're very fun to photograph. Children are expressive by nature, and my family seems to have an abundance of energy to pose (even the adults, as it so happens). So here's a snippet of The Condet Clan.

(The name 'The Condet Clan' is a joke which stemmed from the fact that we all seemed to own black cars - with the exception of yours trully, who owns a beautiful forest-green car by the name of Phillip. Anyways, yes. When we gather, it's like the frickin' Mob. All black cars, and - for Indonesians - abnormally tall people. Hence the name The Condet Clan. My grandpapa is the perfect Godfather too..!)

ANYWAYS! Without further ado:

The RIFA Series, she must have been about.. 5? 6? Adorable and cute and was still very much the cuddly little girl we all fell in love with. Yes, she's the baby of the family - youngest grandkid and all.

My personal fave is this one:
And now? Well here's Rifa now(ish) - the cute yet very much evil, manipulative little bugger at age 8. Taken last year.

Below is Bilal, my (still) adorable 11 year old cousin! (Even Rifa seems to treat him like a younger sibling! Haha)

Last, but certainly not least! Latifa - My first niece. Age 7 (or 8?) months.

As mentioned before in part the first, all photos are posted on my deviantArt account : HERE.


colson said...

Seeing this pictures I'm melting. It's no use to say adorable, sweet etc.. They are of course.

But they seem to act so relaxed and naturally; I want to have them with us. At least borrow them ...

Does the behavior of these three as pictured here, express something which is fundamental to your behavior also?

mousharilla said...

If you're asking if I act like an 8 year old 50% of the time - then yes.
(Read "50%" as "most of the times") Hahaha

rinarina said...

i wonder did Rifa knows about this? she'll be awwed by then...heheheh