Thursday, 2 July 2009

Trying hard not to be a stalker..

.. and failing miserably. Well, a cyber stalker anyway.. Since my object of "affection" is thousands of miles away. And not quite affection really, I just think the man is shit-yourself-funny. Who exactly am I talking about..? The man in question is - drum roll please - Jon Richardson (the 'Jon' is linked to his Wikipedia page, and the 'Richardson' to his Chortle profile :D)

Jon Richardson is an English stand up comedian currently hosting his own radio show on BBC6music while touring the country, pleasing crowds with his rather intense need for everything to be organized, and his cranky-ness concerning the stupidity people sometimes demonstrate, illustrated comically through his daily observations of people around him (did that sentence make sense..?).

Further info - look up his Chortle and Wikipedia page. Oh and reviews of his 2008 tour, Dogmatic is archived by some lovely person - here.

I started being a huge fan when I started my obsessive downloads of his radio show with fellow stand up comedian Russell Howard, which thankfully can still be downloaded and listened to here (and if you explore a bit you'll also find his solo shows are available on the site too, or alternatively short clips of it are available on youtube.).. This of course led to obsessive searches of his stand up material on youtube, some of my finding I shall share quite happily (aren't I nice?)

My sudden need to share my affection of this man comes from the fact that I can't wait for July the 12th when hopefully an episode of Michael McIntyre's Comedy Roadshow will finally show up on the internet, featuring Jon. It will air on the 11th in Britain, but yes.. I'm relying on you, internet! Don't let me down..!

Yes I love stand up, and I do spend too much time lamenting the fact I don't live in the U.K, somewhere around Edinburgh, Montreal and/or Melbourne (where the acts are found during festivals, and sometimes out of it). Youtube is my best friend, as is torrents.

Someday I shall buy their original DVDs. But for now - tis nowt but a dream. *sigh*

But err.. yes. I was talking about Jon. I love Jon, I can't wait to see him on Michael McIntyre's show..!

Also.. Mock The Week on the 4th..! Renewed for a seventh season..! YAY!


colson said...

This is a deed of great generosity on your part: sharing the object of your overwhelming adoration ( or even love) with others, with us, with me.

I humbly confess his name was new to me. Shame on me: he performs ( speaking in relative terms) just around the corner. And, you're right: he IS funny. Very much so.

mousharilla said...

I'd happily recommend some other comedians I regularly troll for on the internet if you're interested in watching more stand up :D

You can also listen to his show live on the BBC site, every Sunday at 10 UK time. Here :