Saturday, 11 July 2009

backlog of pics..! PART 1 : Random Kiddies

My fave picture of a random kid so far.

For someone who can't really stand "chil'urn" for long periods of time (family not counted), I seem to have accumulated quite a lot pictures of the little blighters. There's quite a few to load, so apologies for taking up your bandwidth!



And I posted a few a while back in this blog, located here.

And all are posted on my deviantArt account : HERE. *pimpin'*


johnorford said...

the first one is great!

colson said...

I admit six billion people is a frightening lot and more babies resulting in 9 billion forty years from now is crazy. Yet, I love them and I just don't believe you can't stand children for long periods, if you picture them so tenderly and lovingly as you do.

That holds for your photographs of relatives and strangers.

And, yes, johnorford is absolutely right: the first one is really a piece if art.

mousharilla said...

John: Thanks ever so much :D

Colson: Oh I'm great with them as long as they don't drool on me, kick me or generally be annoying.. Hahaha! I love how expressive kids are, so yes - I can't resist snapping pictures of tiny little kiddies. :D

(Also, because of my height - I'm always half afraid I'll step on one, one of these days. They're so tiny!)

tikno said...

Black and white image sometimes has its unique sense.

mousharilla said...

Yeah they do :D But I have to say I love colour as well, the attack on your senses that colour can bring is sometimes too fantastic to resist! :D

I Love Snackfood said...

omg, love the kiddo shots!