Tuesday, 7 July 2009

To vote or NOT - as the case may be for idiots..

Today is the day where most Indonesians vote, if not for taking part in an attempt at exercising their rights then for the simple reason that there's an abundance of freebies available for those who voted. From free coffee, to ice cream, to clothing discounts. Whatever the reason - I applaud you.

I'm ashamed to say that many of my friends seems to have opted out of voting, and proudly declared their idiocy.

By all means don't vote - just don't complain, a year down the road when you feel something isn't going right. Because that's what you're basically doing by not voting, right? You're giving up your chance to partake in how this country is run.

You've basically given up your voice, your right to complain about bureaucracy, or corrupt government officials, or the economy. You do not get to say 'this government is shitty'. You also loose all rights to be proud of its accomplishments. You have no voice.

I hate it when people complain about the state of this country, and the way its run. And complain about how nothing goes right. And say that everyone in power is evil and useless and corrupt - and then they turn out to be the ones who stayed at home while hordes of others are trying to make a difference.

Its idiots like that who ruin the country.

For God's sake if you think all the candidates are evil, then choose the lesser evil. Study their policies, their views, their plans. Think carefully about what you're opinionated about, what fires you up - what issues you feel most strongly about.. Then pick a candidate which best represents that..! How hard is that?

I apologize for being harsh and calling non-voters idiots, but I just think that its idiotic to complain when you didn't care enough to partake in the process in the first place. Don't ask for democracy and then leave when you've been given the chance.


colson said...

There are always a lot of reasons and lame excuses to stay home. Being young for instance means you usually are obsessed by other things ( identity, the opposite - sometimes even same- sex, music, finding a job, starting a career.) Well anything but politics. Which indeed often seems dirty and boring, but at the same time secretly interferes with one's life.

So I think you are absolutely right: vote, because it's your right and, up to a degree, your duty as a decent citizen as well.The level of legitimacy of the head of state partly depends on the turn out at the polls. So if you wish a stable and strong government each and every one of the 176 million who has the right, should cast a vote today ( well, a turn out over 55 - 60 % would be okay).

Indonesia excelsior.

Anonymous said...

i likeee...i likee
n totally agree :D!!
i know i complain alot about this country "like u also" most of our free time.....

but hell,we did vote right :D
ohh,,ur such a smart ass!!!
i think this is what ive been trying to tell ppl all the time...but i got tounge tied

johnorford said...

i wrote the exact same thing a while back. great minds and all that!

mousharilla said...

Colson: *sighs* well, at least the idiots are few and far between amongst friends. Lets hope they reach enlightenment by next election :P

Ty: Cheers darling girl :D

John: I've just been to your site and read it, its was so much more eloquently put ;P Haha