Sunday, 26 July 2009

Messes Cranky Pants

I have found that I'm getting consistently intolerant of other people's inadequacies (while conveniently forgetting my own pile of idiotic stunts, pulled daily - on the hour, every hour.). I should socialize more often and rid myself of this annoying sneer, lest I become that person.

You know that person - everyone knows one. He who sneers at others, and finds himself perfect and without fault. One who demands apologies but never seems to be able to say one properly himself. You know, the person who says he strives for truths while only giving half truths, and regards compassion and tact with contempt.

Oh they probably can mask their snobby outlook and stick on a mask, masquerading as a perfectly good friend - as long as: 1. You don't hang out with them much, 2. You only meet them in a group setting, and/or 3. You keep things at a distance. Because God forbid you get close and find out they like to burn their friends in little bursts, to test their 'loyalty'.

*le sigh*

Yes I suppose I'm talking about one person in particular.

Anyway, this isn't about him (for once), this is about me and my inability to socialize properly these days. I find I'm getting more and more intolerant and impatient of people I deem 'overly and unnecessarily emotional', both in facing people and in their outlook of life. I just find them tiring, and I get tired so easily these days.

Not to say I regard those with a zest for life with contempt - au contraire. I love talking with passionate people, their fire inspires me to get off my butt and do something. I love shooting off with people who laugh like there's no one else in the room, and cry genuine tears (as opposed to those fake crocodile ones we all so despise). I love, love passionate people who have something to be passionate about.

I just have no patience for those who find drama in everything they do, and aren't thankful for the things they have - they annoy me to no end. Especially those who proudly broadcast to the world how shitty their good life is.

And I'm so sorely tempted to delete them from my facebook.
(Except I live by my own weird code of ethics I work by, one of which states: 'thou shalt not leave without saying why'. Aka, if I want them off my facebook, I should really tell them first. And I really don't want to deal witht he fuss they will kick off. So I'll leave them be and ignore their posts xD)


In a roundabout way, I'm saying I should get out of my comfort zone of deliciously wonderful friends, and dive into a more diverse world. I have to get used to dealing with people again, so that I don't find myself growling everytime someone offends my "delicate" sensibilities.

This whole socializing thing is such a whole lot of work..!


Anonymous said...

beeeenn theeereeee. aku si aku deactivate facebook kmrn2.. itu karna males tau apa yang orang update.. karna kebanyakan ga penting..
kebanyakan ga exciting dan full of drama shit.
maybe aku orang yg di describe diatas, snobby. hahaha

dan aku jg berperasaan sm kek k atri, pissed off to hear some of 'he said-she said' story.

kadang socialita yang suka update ga penting itu bikin aku nyari2 sesuatu yg baru.

blah. dan at the end..
mending aku delete aje. pada nanya si, kaga aku jawab juga.
males berurusan. abis sekali nanya kaga ada hal2 penting, ya "cowo lo mana te, udah ke oakwood? te, ko lo delete gua"
penting abis.

wkwkwk.. (panjang ya)
*le sigh

colson said...

Well, eh, socialize, socialize... I don't know...

The real ideal character is the loner, I guess. The lonesome cowboy in old iconic Westerns. And I think of the line in one of Randy Newman's songs: "It's lonely at the top". Also I keep in mind the awesome polar bear in mind, who roams the snow and ice alone.

So, don't worry. Keeping distance is another way of treasuring your freedom.

rinarina said...

hahaha we're in quite same page now?! (guessing from your comments on my blog)

and yes, socializing is another "work" need to be done in life. :D

mousharilla said...

ENABLERS! Evil enabling enablers xD YOu're supposed to all convince me going out into the world is better than being a loner! Lol

Mute: AH the joys of life, eh? Hahaha.. Iya emang tu orang2 gitu minta digelindingin semua..! Kayaknya kata 'santai' tuh ga ada di kamus mereka.. ckckck

Colson: Well.. I am sort of polar-bear-shaped - so maybe I might as well take on their characteristics..! Lol. But yeah, I need to get used to people again. Unless of course, I can start up my own business which means I can scream out 'screw you, society!' and live happily as a loner xD Lol

Bibi: Is it worth it though? Lol. I much prefer hanging with the select few all the time, but alas.. I don't think that's possible..!

MITA DIRAN said...

To me, getting to know new people are like reading new books.

Some has horrible covers, but with beautiful words on the inside. Some covers are really cute, so you pick it up and you get disappointed when they turn out to be some dumb chicklit novels.

Some are like library books - the thrill is gone once you've returned them to their original habitat. I might stop reading them, but at least I skimmed through some pages and managed to grasp the overall idea of it.

And then there's that selected few that I buy, take home, sign the first page and read from start to finish. They are of course, the most promising of all.

But I wouldn't have known them if I didn't pick up the book in the first place.

There are new excitements in that world outside the bubble! You don't have to like all, but you will definitely love some and can even drag some back into your lovely bubble :)

mousharilla said...

Then you're definitely a book with a great cover and an even awesomer filling :D