Monday, 6 July 2009

Previews of the upcoming episode

As I've mentioned before (on the post before this, in fact..!) - I can't wait for the next episode of the Michael McIntyre Comedy Roadshow. Jon Richardson is one reason (main reason, really :P), Jo Caulfield is another. Funny, funny lady that she is.

And.. Okay I can't help it. I want to post Jon-vids. Again..! Hahaha! I can't wait to see the full routine.


colson said...

Thanks, thanks again.

As I gradually have got behind the times, I am really grateful for your refreshment course on theatrical fun.

You even got me that far that I went on Youtube too. With result; I found some extremely hilarious story by an anonymous stand-up comedian from Wales, on airport handling of luggage while visiting Australia ( and a lot of Bill Hicks and Monty Python.

Well talking about yesterdays: how do you like, say, Bill Hicks or Monthy Pyton and Fawlty Towers?

mousharilla said...

The welsh guy would be Rhod Gilbert, yeah he's ace! And if you go to the playlist of the Roadshow on the BBC youtube site, there's quite a few ace comedians I quite like.

There's *takes a deep breath* Stewart Francis , Mark Watson, Jason Manford and Alun Cochrane - I quite like them, although Mark's done better gigs, same goes to Alun Cochrane. I'd recommend you go look for their other vids on youtube as well as their previews on the BBC thingy.

Other comedians? Umm.. Russell Howard is wonderfully silly.. Aussie stand up Adam Hills is wonderful and uplifting, as is Michael McIntyre.. Lee Mack is funny in the same lines as those two. Frankie Boyle is outrageous and is out to offend, so avoid if you're easily outraged. Dara O'Briain is opinionated and fun, with brilliant audience interaction.. John Oliver is also good, he's good at talking politics. Frank Skinner is a legend, and has brilliant songs (Go on youtube, and listen to Three Lion '98 by Baddiel, Skinner and The Lightning Seeds, or search for the Osama Bin Laden Song). I have a soft spot for Ed Byrne and Dylan Moran.. Lovely, lovely Irish blokes they are. OH! Danny Bhoy is also good, he laughs at his own jokes (I'm sure these are calculated, but fun nonetheless)

I recommend either looking out for their full dvds for the full effect, failing that.. youtube is your friend! :D

Never saw Bill Hicks before :D I'll check him out.

Monty Python is a legend! I love love loved The Life of Brian. Song-wise I loved The Meaning of Life. There was a time 'Every Sperm Is Sacred' was my ringtone.. Quite a long time too! I got embarrassed when my phone rang though, with the obscene lyrics. Hahaha! John Cleese is made of all kinds of awesome - so I predictably adore Fawlty Towers. Hahaha! :D

But I have to say I prefer Blackadder Goes Forth from the Blackadder series. The other bits are brilliant too, but the 'Goes Forth' series has such a brilliant ending, it wins a spot on my fave list! Coming from that - A Bit of Fry and Laurie.. God I miss that duo! Red Dwarf.. Thin Blue Line.. Goodnight Sweetheart..

Oh hang on! My all time fave! - Only Fools and Horses is just ace! Brothers who try to 'make it' through all kinds of schemes, mostly illegal and such. Lovely series.

I could go on and on and on for ages when it comes to older British comedy shows. Hahaha :D

colson said...

Hey, THANK you. And it's fair to say you are absolutely superior to me as it comes to know the way in British comedy and wit.

My god, you're a specialist, an expert. Though I still daresay we obviously share at least partly a sense for humor, it would take a sabbatical year or two to catch up with you.

Anyhow: I will memorize the names you mentioned (no, on second thought at my age I better copy your comment) and give it a systematic try at Youtube. And once more: THANK YOU.

(PS: the Bill Hicks I mentioned isn't British, but American. And like his compatriots Lenny Bruce and Lehrer a gonner unfortunately)

mousharilla said...

Yes well.. I still liked tv between the ages 8-13, hence the knowledge xD Hahaha.. That and I just enjoy British comedy. :D