Thursday, 9 July 2009

Paints ahoy..!

I was sorting through my pictures and I found this.. This is what happens when you leave your paints out and leave me with them for 5 minutes. I start painting on myself.

I remember that day very clearly.. My mum came in and gave a strangled shout, and started laughing. She then chased me out of her room by throwing stuff at me.

I was 19 at the time.

No. I have no self control when I have a chance to make a mess.

*cheers* :D *cheers*


colson said...

Okay, okay.

But you promise to paint nobody else but yourself, don't you? You can be safely allowed to be in the company of others with paint and brushes in your possession, I trust?

(Though actually yours is body art of course - like some Morrocan women who also paint their hands beautifully with henna).

mousharilla said...

Ah well.. I promise I wont paint anyone else if they don't want me to. :P Haha!