Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Feeling quite silly today

So here's a thought..

Because I have too much time in my hands and I spent five minutes spinning around in a circle. I'm feeling quite nauseous - Uhh.. not that I'm bulimic. I'm just feeling really sick at the moment, and was so close to puking that this random thought occurred to me..

Why the hell did I ever spin for fun?.. Flashback to 1995 - oh right. Because I was 9.

I'd like to say I wont do something stupid and again, but I'm currently curious what'll happen if I mixed 7up and jam, with a generous helping of cream on top. (Fingers crossed I wont get any bum troubles!)


colson said...

This is really intimate information.

It brought about nasty memories of throwing up over 10 thousand kilometers away from SE Asia. Not about spinning around however.

But there was the holidays we were sailing during a 9 Beaufort storm from Amsterdam to Bergen ( Norway) (wife, children, me - all five of us blue, green, miserable and dirty in a small stinking cabin).

And I had this hellish day after (that is after a realy splendid, yet outrageous night in good company and unbelievable amounts of hard liquor).

Also once I was a friend's passenger as he drove at high speed along an Alpine road with lots of hairpin curves. He didn't wreck the car fortunately, but I couldn't avoid to empty my stomach inside his car. It serfved him right of course.

mousharilla said...

Yes, it shows you a huge part of me - being silly to the point of idiocy :P

Carsickness is always fun in other people's car, eh Colson? Hahaha