Friday, 4 December 2009

Nigel Parker

Who said fiction is called fiction because it never happens in reality? I posted 'Validation' a while back - I never thought I'd find a story as heartwarming in real life.

Kudos, Nigel Parker.


colson said...

Agree with you about fiction preceding reality. (A striking example to me is "The Magic Mountain"(1924)by Thomas Mann. Hitler was still an obscure nobody, yet in the novel the kind of barbarism which Nazi Germany was going to be, is discussed in it.)

Nigel? Interesting and heartwarming. No doubt. But in my case all depends on the story my imagination provided seeing the video. Can't hear a thing.

Actually this was a depressing experience to me. Thought my computer had recovered from serious brain haemorrhage. Now it turns out it is still deaf and dumb.

mousharilla said...

Awe that's a shame.. have a look once your speakers get fixed :D It's a lovely little video!