Sunday, 7 March 2010

Maybe it's because I'm a n00b..

But I quite enjoy the routine I've gotten into, what with waking up early, going to work, coming home and then sleeping at midnight.

I'm enjoying my tiny cubicle and the work I'm given.. Which is weird, because it's work my friends have given to me all through university - translating stuff. Maybe it's because I get paid with money instead of favours. Maybe it's the stuff I'm translating.. Because honestly, just about anything beats the pain of translating English texts to Indonesian on the subject of *legasp* politics.

I'm kinda shocked I got the job actually, I know next to nothing about the stuff that's in the magazines I'm working on (hint, Colson! Hint! Hahaha.) and I thought I did a shit job at my translating test when I was being interviewed, as English is a pretty language, while my grasp of Indonesian is sketchy at best. Hehehe. Well. Here's to improving my Indonesian, more photography work (please, please, please!) and my tiny cubicle!

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colson said...

Great news. Good for you.

And Jeez, I love riddles. Bad luck though I'm lousy at solving them..