Saturday, 9 October 2010

Dream on darling

Today I went to the European Higher Education Fair held at Balai Kartini. Oh oh oh.. My whole body aches with the sheer force of WANT that slammed into my chest.

I've been thinking about applying for a master's degree for a while now (yes even before I graduated my from my bachelor degree).. And attending the fair made me want it just that much more.


Work. Oh I do so love my work. So. I'm putting education on hold just for a little while. Soon enough I'll get back to it, but for now I'm working hard, saving up, and I'm going to do some proper planning.

But I'm dreaming on, I really am. I'm keeping it close to my heart and I'm feeding logs to the fire, to keep the fire burning.

1 comment:

colson said...

It reads like a major, almost existential choice you had got to make.

Though your choice seems to be a very sensible one, especially since this one doesn't rule out the other in the foreseeable future.