Monday, 1 November 2010

Oh heartbreak!

Isn't it just pretty? Just absolutely gorgeous? I want my Furrow eco friendly leather bag in navy blue (yes, that's the name..*wails*). A seller going by the name of Hoakon/Helga at etsy sells these absolutely breathtaking leather bags from repurposed materials, old leather jackets reimagined into pretty bags, with pretty linings (yes, also repurposed if possible.).. Eco friendly, and pretty, and durable! What more can a girl want?
Unfortunately mine got lost in the mail. At least I think it did.
It's been a month, but I'm not giving up! I'm going to go over and see if they've kept it for some insane reason.
I've never had problems with shipping as I have purchased many, many things from etsy (okay so 10 isn't exactly 'many', but yes.), but lately the Indonesian post has been.. shall we say.. 'moody'? 'PMS-ing'? Point is, this is my second shipment that's gone weird. Grrr.
Wait. Third. Counting a shirt and Twix(es?) the wonderful A sent me. I also want my shirt and my Twix!
I'm not exaggerating by tagging this post as 'the horrible feeling of woe', as this is extremely woeful to me. My heart is breaking at the thought of not getting this wonderful bag.
No. I'm not a drama queen.
*sulks in a corner*


colson said...

Though bags, even eco friendly leather bags, don't give me a thrill I really sympathize with you and the woes.

Is this a case of Internet fraud? How reliable is Hoakon/Helga (reads like Scandinavian, just like the blonde lady in the picture).

Or is it lousy mail service ( it takes weeks, or a month, for a letter sent from NL to arrive in Jakarta. Two parcels even disappeared)?

mousharilla said...

She's a Canadian, with Scandinavian ancestry is I'm not mistaken :)

Her approval rating on the site is 100%, and I think the problem lies mostly with the postal system here.. *sigh* I want my bag.. *wails*

calvin said...

you want what? well you could always sell that books during bazaar... :p

Chuzai Living said...

That is a heartbreaking experience... The leather purse is adorable!!! It looks very soft, too. Thanks for introducing it!! I'm sorry the mail didn't come through.