Thursday, 15 September 2011

Obsession part Une

So. I sometimes get obsessed with random boiz. This is my current stalkee on youtube, and I've spent entirely too much time listening to him sing.

Name: Cameron Mitchell
Obsession origin: The Glee Project

Actually, I've never seen a single episode of the glee project. But my cousin (who rarely swoons over boiz), told me to google this guy, and now here I am. Ogling. Because he's very ogle worthy. He's so cute! But mainly I'm here because of the voice.

I love the kind of voices guys like him has, I swoon and I giggle and I squee. And I love his choice of covers. Above is his cover of the Beatles's song 'Blackbird'. A song I've over played for a while now. I love the original version, and I have several cover versions I also over play, and I have to say.. I'm probably going to over play Cameron's version a lot too.

And THIS is the song that got me falling in love with him:

I love, love, love this song as well. And I love his version of it. Just.. *swoon*

(His voice is amazing, and I have a weakness for geeky-hipster-types. Gimme awkward guys any day over overtly-macho-men-types :p I'm weird like that.)

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colson said...

Well, he definitely has a voice and can play the guitar. And though covering the Beatles ( and Jacques Brel) is something of sacrilege to me, I confess I loved both songs.

But he should be a singer-songwriter in the near future, to top it off.

Yet I absolutely approve of your new love :) (In countries with extended families opa has to consent, isn't it? :)