Monday, 21 November 2011

It's not too soon!

Who else gets giddy for Christmas? (I try so hard to be an adult, but I keep failing.)

Some say November is a bit too early for all the Christmas-y ads and songs and gimmicks to come out, I say NEVER!! I adore Christmas ads :D And here's one from John Lewis.

Adora-babble yes? So adorable you just gotta tell people, and babble about it  ;)


Alan said...

Maybe they're less obnoxious where you are, but I want to put an axe through the TV every time I see some saccharine, smarmy, "your family will hate you unless you can afford our product" Christmas ad.

That's probably just America for you, though.

colson said...

It's a devilish smart advertisement for sure.

However apart from the cynical consumerism X-mas, I share your feelings about December ( it is exciting and cosy ( "gezellig"actually). Sinterklaas ( December 5th) and X-mas. Family reunion, cold - though that may be slightly different in jakarta- or damp outside, warm and comfortable inside..

mousharilla said...

Alan: Well.. Indo is not known for Christmas ads, though leading up to, during, and after Ramadhan I do feel queasy at the mere sight of ANYTHING symbolizing Ramadhan :p

Opa: Christmas isn't nearly as fun when it's hot though :/