Monday, 13 February 2012

- word barf 1 -

You don't know if it is a good thing that she stopped screaming. Because now she's working her way through the pile of magazines that sat at the end of your bed. Tearing each page calmly, methodically. A serene smile gracing a face so at peace that it doesn't quite match her disheveled state. You tried to hold her hands earlier but a flicker of intelligence in her eyes stopped you. Just let me be. They seemed to plead to you, nary a word spoken. So you sighed, and stroked her hair gently.

"I'll be right here." And you wonder if this time... You wonder if this time she'll come back to you.

1 comment:

colson said...

This is a serious state she's in...She needs your love and attention more than ever now...

(I admit I plagiarize the dots - to be frank they are Louis-Ferdinand Celine's dots...)