Monday, 27 April 2009


the shadow of a hill that saved us,
from the glare of the summer,
its harsh, beating rays,
your hands in mine,
my heart in yours,
forever didn't sound so frightening.

I miss being head over heels in love - throwing all caution to the wind just to feel that upside-down, inside-out, burst of emotion that makes everything else pale and fade in comparison. I miss risking taking my guards down and feeling like maybe its safe to keep them down. Blurting out my incoherent thoughts and half baked ideas, just to hear someone respond in positive, an indulgent smile on their face.

To be fair I never had it all - the one ex I treasured turned out to be a bit of a bastard as time passed by.. but you know what.. that's besides the point. For once it isn't about him.

I miss being in love with someone who is far from perfect, but is just right for me.

And maybe its about time I stopped denying it.

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