Sunday, 26 April 2009

Midnight Musings and A Cup Of Tea

I should say HUGE beer glass really..

What does it say about me that I would rather suffer amnesia and wake up a blank slate, to correcting my many, many faults manually, with hard work?

It would help if I had a huge closet full of pretty shoes, a job with a decent salary that I quit, savings to live off, an ex who lives with me in my awesome apartment, a gorgeous clothes. See? Amnesia doesn't sound half bad if I had it like Samantha Newly from Samantha Who! Yes I know she's a fictional character, and I should be old enough to want to be my own person instead f a fictional person-type thing!

*whine, whine, whine*

I know its not getting me anywhere.


Lies of course, I love my baby. Despite the stress.. The long hours of correspondence.. The stress.. The typing.. No actually, I do genuinely like the typing. And the topic I picked really is interesting for me.. And I don't so much mind the stress.

And its not like I'm not used to staying up at all hours.

So really there's nothing for me to complain about!

... Ah the gentle self discovery of idiots. Well, at least its amusing to watch.

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