Thursday, 19 August 2010

hum ho, here it is again.

Dear Person,

I feel stupid for writing a letter to you, as it is quite obvious to even the the stupidest person that you will never read this stupid letter. And even if you do, I think it's pretty obvious that you'd think I was being stupid.

Stupidity aside..

You were absolutely right. You were right about things I wish you weren't right about, and you were right about things that I thought you got wrong, but time has eventually revealed that you were right about.. we.. everything, all along. It's really quite annoying the number of times you've been proven right, and the number of times you could have said 'I told you so'. Oh Person, I'm glad you're not (really) the gloating type.


Person, you really are quite swell. Oh you're not perfect, there's a million and one things that piss me off that I wish I could tell you about.. But you know that that just isn't possible. And anyway, you really are quite fine the way you are.

But that's not what this entry is about. Oh no.

Here it is in a nutshell.. You were right, and I was wrong. And the number of times this has happened may have made me quite frustrated and quite unable to seek second opinions.


Ah here's the but..

BUT.. I think I'm good now. I mean, obviously The Matter Which We Discussed has not been solved yet, but yesterday I found myself knocking on a door to ask about The Matter Which We Discussed for a second opinion. There was no one home unfortunately, but nevertheless I knocked.

And I felt good about knocking. I may knock on more doors in the coming weeks.

I would like to say that I can knock now, and I shan't rely on your sole opinion (important thought it is), rest easy, Person.

I'm quite alright.

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colson said...

Good for you girl!

Okay, this was only the first step. Now you know how to knock on the relevant door. But you have to move on. We have to intensify the communication. It is absolutely necessary next you will punch the person in the person's face.

(In the last stage of this course we will practice the ultimate knock-out)