Friday, 3 September 2010


If you lived two lives, not quite understanding which is real.. which would you pick?

- A perfect world with everything you ever wanted within reach, with loved ones expecting nothing from you but your continued happiness or..
- A world where you had to fight for everything, and your failure will result in their suffering..?

Hang on.. I'm not done yet, don't make your mind up yet.

Keep in mind you have to pick one, and in picking one.. you will have to leave the other completely, disappointing the people you leave behind.

Remember - you don't know which world is real.

Yes, I've been watching/reading/thinking too much of scifi and fantasy stuff.
And the mindfuck is supremely delicious.


colson said...

Stupid as it may be, I pity but sympathize with those who would say:

"Fuck the present world, let's take a chance on a perfect world whether it's real or fantasy".

mousharilla said...

I'm not one to judge, some days I'll be up for a fight, and other days.. I'll take the perfect world :)

calvin said...

ahem, I feel you are talking about Inception.