Tuesday, 24 April 2012


"You have ridiculous short term goals. And a ridiculously short definition of 'short term'.. Ridiculous!"

"Define ridiculous."

"Saying 'I want to write for a living.' and not being able to say anything else about what you actually want to do is ridiculous."

"S'not! Anyway. I've always landed on my feet before."

"Yeah. Well. You got lucky."

"26 years and counting!"

"Your luck won't last forever."


"What is?"

"Your assumption that my luck won't last forever. Ridiculous."


"You sound incredulous."


Conversations with myself never end well. When will I learn that I always talk back? Especially when I know how much of a pushover I really am.

Talk about ridiculous..

1 comment:

colson said...

"Want to write for a living" to me is noble and sensible goal; the dialogue itself proves it's the opposite of ridiculous.

And "26 and counting" is just great ( and a punch in the stomach of every 74 y/o :))